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Silas Hobby, Esq.

The Marietta Register, September 16, 1875

This old and most respectable citizen, of Fearing township, died at his residence, on the 25th day of August last, in the 88th year of his age.  His long residence there, and his many estimable qualities, as a citizen, and neighbor, justify a little sketch of his life.

Mr. Hobby was the son of Mills and Ruth Hobby, and was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, March 8, 1790.  His father was a farmer, and gave him the education of the school, and academy of the place, and before he removed to the West, he was employed as a teacher.  On the 9th of October, 1811, he was married to Miss Ann Hendrie.  In 1817, Mr. Hobby came West to visit his brother Jotham, of Muskingum county, and they together made the tour of the then Western States.  In July, 1818, he removed with his family, consisting of himself, wife, and one child, (now Mrs. W. G. Whittlesey), and settled in the valley called "Chamonni," on the farm which he occupied till his death.  This valley with which he was pleased from the first, is three miles from Marietta, and one of the most beautiful in this region.

In February, 1824, he was elected Justice of the Peace, to fill a vacancy, and was re-elected a number of times, until he had held the office twenty-one years.

His social nature, and conversational talent, attracted many friends, and with a serene nature, rarely disturbed, his relations with his neighbors were always friendly.  His intimacy with them, and gentlemen of Marietta, extended over many years.  He was finally left the only survivor of the generation to which he belonged.  He felt the loss of his old associates very keenly, though still finding much pleasure in the society of younger persons.  One enjoyment to him in his later years, was his knowledge of Astronomy, to which he had given some attention in his youth.  He found much satisfaction in watching the heavenly bodies and imparted much valuable instruction to the young people of the neighborhood.

Mr. Hobby's parents were members of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and in the earlier, struggling days of that church in Marietta, associated with his old friend, the late Judge Nye, and others, he helped to sustain its regular services, sometimes acting as lay reader.  He was, however, not in connection with the church, as a communicant.

His last days were peaceful.  His funeral was attended by many friends from the valley, and from Marietta.  His services were conducted by Rev. G. W. Wells of the 2nd Congregational church of Marietta township.


Sept. 6th, 1875.

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