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Muster Roll Found

The Marietta Daily Leader, December 23, 1897

Muster Roll Found Containing Names of Nathaniel F. Bishop's Company of Volunteers.

The finding of an old muster roll by Mr. D. S. Nye recalls the organization of a company of volunteers in Marietta which has probably been forgotten by many of the men even whose name appear upon the list.  The Roster of Ohio Soldiers contains no reference whatever to the organization of this company, which was mustered in on July 5, 1862, and mustered out September 22d, 1862, by Colonel William A. Whittlesey.

Captain, Nathaniel F. Bishop
1st Lieut., Joseph E. Hall, Jr.
2d Lieut., D. A. Belden
1st Sergt., D. P. Bosworth, Jr.
1st Corp., William Cherry
2d Corp., Wesley Clogston
3d Corp., Horatio Booth
4th Corp., Daniel Wood
5th Corp., Jacob Unger
6th Corp., John Sauder
1st Musician, William Regnier
2d Musician, Stephen Davis

Ethan H. Allen
David B. Anderson
Alonzo P. Brigham
Charles P. Blair
Joseph Booth
Charles Brookover
Anselm Clogston
John Clogston
James Clogston
Hugh Donahue
Thomas Davis
Canon Dunnigan
Isaac Fulkerson
Nathan Fawcett
John Plug
John Goodman, Jr.
Thomas Highland
William Hilderbrand
Charles Hoff
Alfred Hoff
William Hoff
Alexander Hill
Nathaniel Hambleton
Theodore F. Hall
William Iams
George L. Jones
Isaac Kennedy
Charles K. Leonard
James Lane
John Loftus
Patsy McDonald
Benjamin Nye
James Oliver
Alden Pierce
Berdon Pierce
Joseph L. Reckard, Jr.
Lewis Russel
George Racer
Andrew Rheinhardt
Jacob Rake
Horatio Soyez
John Slattery
Philllip Sollar
John Linden, Jr.
Wesley Williams

The length of service was two months, seventeen days.  Pay of Captain, $334.95; 1st Lieut., $283.61; 2d Lieut., $270.78; Orderly Sergeant, $60.31; Sergt., $52.61; Musicians, $39.78 each; private soldier, $42.36.

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