Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Farm Is Sold To Mr. Mills

The Marietta Daily Times, December 12, 1922

W. W. Mills has purchased the Beman G. Dawes farm on Muskingum Drive, adjoining Mill Gate, the country estate that has been the home of Mr. Mills for a number of years.  It is understood that the newly acquired property will be incorporated into the Mills estate.

The Dawes farm long has been one of the attractive places of the Muskingum valley and for a number of years, while Hon. Beman G. Dawes was a member of congress from the Fifteenth District, it was the home of his family.  In later years, since he became the head of the Pure Oil Company, business activities have taken him away from Marietta for the greater part of the time, and the place has served the family as a home only during a few months each summer.

To The Times on Tuesday, Mrs. Dawes stated that while the family had disposed of its old home here it does not naturally follow that they are severing all home relations with Marietta, but they intend to come here frequently in the future.  Mrs. Dawes is leaving on Tuesday evening for Columbus.

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