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Christmas Cheer Full Tide Here

Marietta Daily Times, December 22, 1916

Christmas, the season of gift giving and greetings, is once again welcomed by the people of this community, as well as everywhere else, as the dawn of the yearly festival approaches.  Men and women alike, both old and young have swung into the merry column and on every side can be seen the spirit of contentment and satisfaction.

Employes of various concerns in the city are filled with yuletide cheer, with the announcement of their employers of a bonus of their yearly wages and other gifts, to be presented to them as a Christmas present.

The Bell Telephone Company will give to all its employes from two to three weeks' pay.  Employes who have been in their services for a year or over will receive three weeks' pay and those employed by the company the last three months or over will be given two weeks' pay.

Employes of the Western Union Telegraph Company, including even the messenger boys, who have been in their service since January 1st, 1916, will receive seven percent of their yearly wages as a gift.  Without a doubt the lucky message carriers are tickled to death over their good fortune.

All the employes of the Northwestern Chemical Company will receive a gift of two percent of their yearly wages.  Employes of the J. G. McCrory Five & Ten Cent store in the service of the store for a year will receive $5 gold pieces and those in the service for two years will be rewarded with $10 gold pieces.  Two girls have been with the company for two years and two other girls have been in service at the local store for one year periods, and will therefore receive gold pieces.

A number of other manufacturing concerns and merchants have also announced that they will again follow their annual custom of presenting their employes with gifts.  Most of the gifts of the firms will consist of candies and tobaccos, while some will make presents of fruits and small articles.

This will surely be a merry Christmas for Mariettians, for with plenty of money put in circulation the past week, with the distribution of Christmas savings Funds by the banks, and a sufficient degree of health among the citizens, there is no chance for complaint, and the usual good cheer of the Christmas season is bound to prevail abundantly.

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