Sunday, December 4, 2011

Williamstown - Town Without Water

Register-Leader, December 6, 1921

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink seems to be the plight of the town right now although arrangements were being made Tuesday morning, which it is believed, will have the water turned on before the day is over.

Local officials made an effort Monday to have the situation relieved by having the water again turned on but the Marietta officials stood pat on their decision of having the water turned off until the bill owed them for water is paid by the Williamstown Water, Light and Power Co.  The Williamstown Water, Light and Power Co. owes the city of Marietta approximately $2,000 for water from the first of last April.

The public hearing, which was to have been held Monday by the members of the West Virginia Public Service Commission was postponed because of the failure of the said committee members to arrive.  This water situation has been threatened all fall but it was believed that arrangements could be made with the city of Marietta to prevent it.

Schools Close

The Williamstown High schools and the common schools which hold classes in the High school building were forced to close their doors Monday because of the fact that they had no water in the High school building, a hot air system is used in heating the building.  The High school officials regretted to have this interruption come in the school work at this time because of the fact that the Christmas vacation will soon start and they had a definite amount of work they had hoped to have completed by that time.

Factory Closes

The American Bisque Factory which manufactures dolls and other toys was forced to close down Monday on account of the water being shut off.  This is an extremely bad time for that factory to be closed because of the fact that they have some rush orders for Christmas to get out.

Fire Danger

If a fire should break out at this time the bucket brigade is the only means of extinguishing it.  The Williamstown Lumber Co had taken extra precautions and it is the same with the rest of the local factories.  The Fenton Art Glass Co. has a big water storage tank and they have not been bothered yet by the water being shut off.

Wells and cisterns in the community at this time are at a premium and neighbors are getting together and sharing these.  The spring water companies are making a rich harvest furnishing the people with drinking water.

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