Tuesday, December 27, 2011

General Serenade

The Home News, August 18, 1860

Our city was treated to a general serenade, on Thursday night, by the German Brass Band.  The musical procession consisted of a bus, illuminated along the edges by innumerable brilliant lanterns, and inside by a crowd of jovial "boys" - followed by the Band wagon, overflowing with music and musical fellows, and preceded and flanked on either side by an equestrian guard of honor composed of Sons of Malta, in full midnight dress.  Thus equipped every part of the city was visited, and many a sleepy head was poked from the windows to discover whence so many harmonious sounds proceeded.  On returning past the Home News office, the procession halted, gave us an extra touch, and three cheers, which said "good night" as plainly as any cheers ever did.  We are glad to perceive that the band is constantly improving in the divine art, and we hope they may yet become as celebrated for their musical skill as even Menter's.  Three cheers for the German Band!  "Hip, hip, hip, hurra! hurra! hurra!"

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