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Water Cut From Town Over River

Register-Leader, December 3, 1921

The old-time well and cistern again came into its own in Williamstown Saturday morning when the town's water supply was cut off by Marietta City because of failure of the Williamstown Water, Light and Power company to heed an ultimatum issued by Service Director A. J. Watson for settlement of a bill for water furnished the corporation.  Promptly at nine o'clock, the time specified in the ultimatum, the water was ordered turned off by the Marietta Service Director and indications were that Williamstown would be without a water supply over the weekend and perhaps longer.

In view of the situation officials of the town across the river were active all Saturday morning in an effort to secure water temporarily but these efforts all met with failure.  Officials journeyed to Parkersburg where an effort was made to have the matter brought before the circuit court and a writ of mandamus issued but this was thwarted by the fact that the West Virginia law specifically provides that such matters pertaining to public utilities must first be brought to the attention of the Public Service commission.

Hence the situation was referred to that body and a meeting arranged for Monday morning in the Williamstown council chamber.  All citizens of Williamstown are urged to be in attendance.

Shutting off the town's water supply is proving a serious handicap according to reports of officials Saturday.  In addition to the inconvenience caused to private residents the plant of the American Bisque Company was forced to close.  The Fenton Art Glass Company continued to operate with an emergency water supply.

With nothing to do but await the hearing before representatives of the Public Service commission officials of Williamstown did not expect any definite action before Monday.  Marietta city officials likewise were marking time awaiting some development in the controversy.  Officials of the water company would not comment on the situation.

Shutting off the water supply came as the result of the Williamstown Water, Light and Power Company to reimbuse the city of Marietta in the sum of nearly $2,000 for water.

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