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Estate of John Brophy

The Marietta Intelligencer, March 18, 1857

In the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County in the State of Ohio.

George M. Woodbridge, Samuel Shipman and Stephen Newton, administrators of the Estate of John Brophy, deceased, Plaintiffs, against

Robert Brophy, George Brophy, Libeus Brophy, Mary Taylor, and the unknown heirs of John Brophy, deceased, defendants.

The said defendants will take notice that on the 5th day of March, A.D. 1857, the said plaintiffs filed in said Court of Common Please of said Washington county, their petition setting forth that on the 28th day of October A.D. 1854, they were by the Probate Court of said Washington county, duly appointed and qualified as administrators of the estate of John Brophy late of Marietta in said Washington county, dec'd., who died intestate, that on the first day of May 1856, they as such administrators filed their accounts for settlement in said Probate Court; that on the 17th day of June 1856, said accounts were duly acted upon and allowed, and a balance found by said Court in the hands of said administrators of TWENTY ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT 81-100 dollars, which said administrators were ordered by said Court to pay over according to law, that upon a further settlement by said administrators there will again be found a balance in their hands the amount not now known; that at the time of his decease, said John Brophy left no children heirs of his body, his heirs at law, entitled to the distribution of his personal estate; that said Robert Brophy and George Brophy, defendants claim to be brothers of the whole blood of said John Brophy dec'd, and as such entitled each to a distributive share of his personal estate as his heirs at law; that the said Mary Taylor who intermarried with _____ Taylor who is now dec'd., claims to be a sister of the whole blood of said John Brophy dec'd., and as such entitled to a distributive share of said John Brophy's personal estate as one of his heirs at law; that said Libeus Brophy one of the defendants claims to be the only surviving child and heir at law of one William Brophy now deceased, and that said William Brophy was a brother of the whole blood of said John Brophy deceased, and that said Libeus Brophy claims to be entitled to receive a distributive share of said John Brophy's said personal estate; that said plaintiffs have been informed that said John Brophy had a sister Jane who about the year 1823 married one John Farrell, that the last time said John and Jane Farrell were heard from they were residing in the city of New York in the year 1828; that said plaintiffs do not know whether said Jane Farrell is living or dead , nor if dead, whether she left any children, heirs of her body surviving her; that said administrators have been informed that said John Brophy had a sister Ann who in the year 1826 intermarried  with one John Archbold - that said John and Ann Archbold soon after their marriage removed to England in the Kingdom of Great Britain; that in 1838 said Ann's family heard a rumor of the death of said Ann and that she had left surviving her two or three children her heirs at law - that said Ann as the plaintiffs are informed has not since been heard from; that said plaintiffs have no personal knowledge of the relationship of said defendants to said John Brophy deceased.  The object and prayer of said petition is that said defendants may appear and establish their several claims to said John Brophy's said personal estate as his heirs at law - and that the Court shall finally order to whom the plaintiffs shall distribute said personal estate of said John Brophy deceased, as his heirs at law.  Said defendants are required to appear and answer said petition against the first day of September 1857, agreeable to an order of said Court made herein, and said petition will be for final hearing at the October term of said Court.

A.D. 1857.
George M. Woodbridge
Samuel Shipman
Stephen Newton
Administrators of John Brophy, dec'd.
Davis Green, Att'y. for Plaintiffs
March 17, 1857

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