Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marietta Vessels

Marietta Intelligencer, February 11, 1847

Two Schooners - the Ohio, and the Grace Darling, - built last season by the Marietta Ship Company, left here on the evening of the 7th inst., in tow of the S. B. "Wing & Wing," for Cincinnati, where the balance of their Cargo, will be received, and whence they will depart for Boston in the course of a week.

The "Ohio," is 91-1/2 feet on deck, 24 feet beam, 7-1/2 feet hold.  She measures 146 tons, Custom House measurement.

The "Grace Darling" measures 124-1/2 tons.  She is 83-1/2 feet on deck, 23 feet beam,7 feet, 4-1/2 inches hold.

Both vessels are built of the best white oak, and are heavily iron fastened.  The decks are white pine.  The Cabins are below, very neatly finished with black walnut.  They were built under the direction of Capt. Ira Ellis, the master builder, and one of the stockholders, of the "Marietta Ship Company," for E. D. Kimball, Esq., of Salem, Mass.

The vessels were rigged by Mr. Wm. C. Fauvelle, who takes one of them round to Boston.

The iron work was done by Count De Bonney.

The Barque built here last season by Captain William Knox, for Messrs. A. & I. Waters, is nearly finished, and will be launched on the first rise of water.

Another Schooner has been contracted to be built by the Marietta Ship Company.  The workmen commenced their labors last week, and Capt. Ellis informs us that, if the weather is favorable, in sixteen days from this time the frame work will be up, and ready for planking!  This Schooner is building for a Mr. Cochran of New Orleans.

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