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Fourth of July 1875

The Marietta Register, July 1, 1875

Mayor's Proclamation.

In view of the near approach of the Fourth, the attention of the inhabitants of the city is called to the following section of an ordinance of the city, passed December 4th, 1874.

Section 6.  Any person who shall discharge any cannon, musket, fowling piece or other firearms, or fire any squib, cracker or other fireworks of whatever description on the streets, alleys or public places of said city, shall be fined for each offense, upon conviction thereof, in any sum not less than one nor more than fifty dollars; and any person who shall fire any such cannon, or firearms, or fire any such squib, cracker or fireworks, at any place other than a street, alley or other public place in said city, whereby any person shall be annoyed or disturbed, shall be fined on conviction thereof, in any sum not exceeding ten dollars.

It will be observed that the ordinance forbids the sport upon all days of the year, except as therein provided.

This may seem to the boys a severe measure, but when it is remembered that millions of dollars worth of property, and many valuable lives are annually destroyed by this kind of fun it ought to be a sufficient explanation of the necessity for such a law.

Jewett Palmer,
Mayor, City Marietta.

*     *     *     *     *

The Marietta Register, July 15, 1875

Fourth of July in Marietta, 1875

               Not a bell was rang,
               Not a bell dare toll,
Not a cracker was heard a-popping;
               Not a gun was fired,
               Not a cannon roared,
Or "Palmer" would come a-hopping.

               Not a candle went up
               With its streaming light,
No torpedo was heard a-snapping;
               Not a rocket was seen
               In the sky serene,
For Palmer was not to be caught napping.

               Not a boy dare shout,
               Or whistle a tune,
Or give his grandma any "sauce;"
               Not a kite was seen
               Flying high on its string.
Well, our Fourth of July was a farce.


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