Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mortality in Marietta

Marietta Intelligencer, February 11, 1847

The number of deaths in the corporation of Marietta in the year between February 1, 1846, and February 1, 1847, was only 35.  More than one third of this number (13) were under the age of five years.  Less than one third of the number (12) were between five and forty years of age; nearly one third (10) were over the age of 40 years; more than one sixth (6) were over the age of sixty; and nearly one eighth (4) over seventy.

Diseases:  The number who died of -

Fever - Males 6; Females 14
Consumption - Males 6; Females 3
Drowning - Males 2
Suicide - Males 1
Intemperence - Males 1
Appoplexy - Males 1
Scrofula - Females 3

For the last twenty years Marietta has been wonderfully exempt from sickness, and the number of deaths has probably been relatively smaller than in town in Ohio.

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