Thursday, July 21, 2011

Valuable Property, Cheap for Cash

American Friend, January 26, 1821

For sale, by the undersigned, a cotton factory, containing 144 spindles, and the necessary appendage.  Situated on Sixth Street, Marietta, with one half acre of land and a barn 16 by 20 feet attached thereto.  The machinery may be purchased separately.


A convenient two story dwelling house, 35 by 40 feet, with four rooms in the first and six in the second story, pleasantly situated on Ohio Street, near the confluence of Ohio and Muskingum rivers, with a good garden and a barn.


Several tracts of wild land in Washington, Athens, and Meigs Counties.

A credit of one or two years, on good security, may be had for two thirds the amount of purchase.

Griffin Greene.
Marietta, Dec. 8, 1820

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