Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Custer Massacre

The Marietta Register, July 13, 1876

The official list of killed and wounded in the Indian fight of June 25, has been published, showing 260 killed and about 45 wounded, some of whom have since died.

Of the killed there were 14 commissioned officers, including Gen. G. A. Custer, Col. F. W. Custer and others of the Custer family, 1 acting assistant sergeant, 237 enlisted men, 5 civilians and 3 Indian scouts.  These men were recklessly led into a camp of Indians of 2,000 lodges, numbering 2,500 to 4,000 men, and literally butchered as the result shows.  The effort of the Government is to force a band of Sioux Indians, who are troublesome, to settle on a reservation.  The troops are too few to cover the territory.  Doubtless, now, the army will be recruited and concentrated. 

Among the killed is William Dye, son of Jonathan Dye, of this city.  So we understand.  Mr. Dye was known to be in that region and a Mr. Dye, whose given name is not furnished, is among the killed.  Gen. Crook is located with some 1,400 men not more than fifty miles from the Custer battle and is gathering supplies, &c., with a view to pushing on.

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