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Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching, On Marietta for County Reunion of Veterans

The Register-Leader, October 7, 1913

Many Old Soldiers Register Today, Others Coming Wednesday

At Auditorium

This Evening Will be Held the Opening Camp Fire of the Reunion

About a hundred members of the Washington County Veterans' Association had registered in the assembly room of the court house at noon, for the annual reunion, which opened today.  A number of visiting members are present.  It is expected that the attendance will be largely increased by Tuesday.

The morning was given over to registration and distribution of badges.  During the afternoon regimental, battery, and company reunions were held.  The following reunions were held:  1st and 7th O. Cavalry, Buell Post Room; 36th O. Infantry, small assembly room; 77th Ohio Infantry, common pleas court room; 186th O. Infantry, grand jury room; 148th O. Infantry, Probate Court room.

At six-thirty o'clock this evening, the ladies' auxiliary societies will give a reception honoring W. R. Warnock, department commander, G.A.R. of Ohio, and staff; Past Commander of Ohio, Charles H. Newton; Mrs. Myrtle Best, department president, D. of V. of Ohio, and staff; Mrs. Dora Bush, past department president, W.R.C. of Ohio, and F. W. Combs, division commander, Sons of Veterans of Ohio.

Following this there will be a camp fire at the Auditorium Theatre, at 7:30 o'clock, in charge of C. H. Newton, chairman.  W. N. Warnock and Mrs. Dora Bush will deliver addresses.


A. P. Beach, Barlow
I. N. Hickle, Pleasant City
Henry Cherry, Marietta
J. W. Kackley, Pleasant City
S. N. Secrest, Cambridge
Edward Magines, Elba
Isaac Larick, Pleasant City
C. V. Kelly, Lower Salem
Austin F. Braddock, Marietta
J. G. Baker, Graysville
A. J. Hardy, Sumner, Mo.
Daniel Tracy, St. Marys
W. W. West, Marietta
James M. Deaton, Boaz, W. Va.
Jacob Willison, Woodsvield, O.
J. C. Griggs, Beverly
R. F. Lowe, Caldwell
Lewis Barcus, Round Bottom, R. D. 11
Samuel Jewell, Gipson, W. Va.
James Jewell, Bloomington, O.
J. M. Snively, Bens Run, W. Va.
Jesse McGrew, Belpre
Charles H. Newton, Marietta
Jabez Osborn, Macksburg
J. C. Goldsmith, Marietta
E. W. Tompkins, Lowell
C. F. Coates, Pomeroy, O.
Joseph Flanders, Marietta
Henry C. Ferguson, Marietta
J. H. Antill, Summerfield
Benjamin Bragg, Marietta
K. B. Davis, Newport
Elias McIntire, Enterprise, W. Va.
J. W. Thorniley, Marietta
Isaac Shotwell, Rockland
Roscoe Wolcott, Waterford
Robert Harsha, Reno
Dennis Felter, Fay
David C. Smith, Marietta, R.D. 1
B. P. Reppert, Marietta
A. G. O'Bleness, Marietta
John W. Bowers, Heslop
D. M. Sharpbach, Petroleum, W. Va.
Alexander Ritchey, Moore's Junction
R. B. Griggs, Marietta
Philip Haberling, Marietta
W. H. Thorniley, Marietta, R.D. 1
Capt. J. G. Barker, Marietta
Sampel D. Carpenter, Coal Run
Miles A. Stacey, Marietta
Charles Coffman, Marietta
S. A. Brown, Athens
A. E. Brown, Circleville
W. M. Bush, Newells Run
Jacob Ingrahm, Marietta
W. H. Brown, Marietta
J. W. Wolfe, Rockland
T. L. Buell, Marietta, R.D. 1
John Miracle, Parkersburg
Adam Landsittle, Marietta
James R. Hostetter, Tupper's Plains
Kendall Barnett, Parkersburg
James Lightfritz, Marietta
D. J. Richards, Zanesville
Henry Posey, Marietta
Hiram Fogle, Marion, Ind., National Home
J. M. Mitchell, Parkersburg
W. J. Emmons, Summerfield
W. H. Ghrist, Dexter City
Robert Parks, Sharon
Asa Day, Lower Salem
Jewett Palmer, Marietta
Theodore F. Davis, Marietta
Lewis Noe, Marietta
John W. Davis, Summerfield
H. G. Crooks, Caldwell
George Wharff, Warner
James G. Cain, Reno
George A. Smith, Whipple
W. L. Safreed, Raven Rock
William Westbrook, Saltpetre
James McCourt, Cambridge
Nathiel Bates, Caldwell
John Dice, Dallison, W. Va.
J. M. Baker, Cambridge
C. Yost, New Martinsville
Isaac H. Delong, Macksburg
R. L. Curtis, Marietta
L. J. Cutter, Marietta
W. Mickle, Marietta
O. V. Denny, Chesterhill
Robert Bruce, Marietta
Franklin M. Gilman, Marietta
W. H. H. Cole, Marietta
Hardison Parsons, Beverly
William Morgan, Marietta
George W. Kennedy, Marietta
George Smith, Marietta
I. R. Rose, Coal run
J. M. Riley, Marietta
Patrick H. McCann, Marietta
Robert Shires, Marietta
Henry Slobohm, Stanleyville
George S. Worstell, Jackson, O.
John Reynolds, Marietta
W. H. Brown, Athens
W. G. Craig, Akron
W. S. Nugent, Parkersburg
S. L. Ward, Waverly, W. Va.
S. E. Hutchinson, New Matamoras
George O. Henry, Beverly
Isaac Sole, New Matamoras
J. F. Keyhoe, Beverly
C. A. Miller, Marietta
B. B. Stone, Marietta
Alden J. V. Pierce, Marietta
Daniel Espensheat, Marietta
S. W. Harvey, Marietta
S. L. Grosvenor, Marietta
Christian Bowman, Marietta
J. W. Bonnell, Marietta
E. Davis, Marietta
I. N. Webster, Des Moines, Iowa
Jerry Swain, Marietta
A. Windom, Summerfield
William Theis, Marietta
H. Cochran, Marietta
Armon P. Huff, Marietta
Isaac Whetsone, Salem
George Dyer, Macksburg
J. R. Beebe, Watertown
T. Power, Watertown
J. A. Arnold, Vincent, R.D.
George W. Rice, Caldwell
Abraham Andrews, Marietta
Titus Burton, Belpre
Monroe Pitts, Marietta, R.D. 4
S. Mains, Bartlett
Moses F. Duckworth, Cutler
James Congleton, Marietta
W. H. Britton, Marietta
J. F. Palmer, Barlow
Louis Foraker, Marietta
James Hyler, Marietta, R.D. 1

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