Monday, January 3, 2011

Death of John Test

The Weekly Leader, March 16, 1881

Squire Test, well known in this community, died at the County Infirmary on Sunday.  He was seated at the dinner table when the summons came, and lived but a few moments after being taken to his room.  He had been an inmate of the institution about two months, his mental condition requiring that he should be placed under restraint.  Squire Johnnie was well known throughout the county, many who did not know him personally, will remember him as the little old man, with form bent from age, eternally searching the sidewalks and gutters for something; something which he never found.  Of late years he has been subject to heart troubles, and it is supposed that this was the cause of his death.  During his life he filled several positions of trust, and was, at one time, a prominent politician.  He was buried from the residence of his wife, in this city, on Monday afternoon.

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