Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marietta High School Commencement, 1889

The Marietta Times, May 30, 1889

The High School commencement will be held at the City Hall, Friday evening, June 14th.  The class is composed of eighteen persons, as follows:

Miss Minnie Johnson, valedictorian
Miss Louise Lorey, salutatorian
Miss Martha Gerken, third
Miss Nellie Best, fourth
Miss Winifred Curtis
Miss Blanche Bruce
Miss Carrie Brigham
Miss Helen Hart
Miss Anna Hill
Miss Nellie Kidwell
Miss Luella Lancaster
Miss Minnie McConnell
Miss Laura Morse
Miss Waldine Rathbone
Miss Willia Ward
Miss Cornelia Wehrs
Miss Emma Wendelken
Miss Maude Wilhelm

It will be noticed that there is not a boy in the above list.  This should not be so, neither can we understand why it is so, and if any person knows we would be obliged for an explanation.  In most places the classes are about equally divided between the sexes.

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