Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State Seeks Clear Title

The Register-Leader, January 23, 1911

Wants Site for Proposed Armory Without Strings Tied to it.

The State Armory Board has passed upon the title deed of the lot offered by the city as the site for the erection of the new armory.  They ask that the clause in the deed stating that the lot shall revert to the city when the state shall cease to use the same for the purpose stated, be stricken out.  This is the only correction suggested by the board.

The deed, accompanied by a letter, has been returned to Colonel Knox by Mr. B. L. Bargar, Secretary of the Board.  Mr. Bargar states in his letter that the work on the plans of the building is nearing completion and expresses the hope that the deed will be so adjusted as to meet the requirement asked by the board, in order that when the additional appropriation is made for the building, work can be started without delay.

It rests with the city council as to whether or not the clause above mentioned will be stricken out, and it is likely that this body will take up the matter in the very near future.

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