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Flood of 1913 - April 11

The Register-Leader, Friday, April 11, 1913

Patterson Would Divert Course of the Muskingum

Col. John H. Patterson, president of the National Cash Register Company, of Dayton, Ohio, who was in the city, Thursday, as a member of the Ohio Relief Commission, in company with Governor Cox, offered a suggestion which, if carried out, would do away with future floods in Marietta.

Mr. Patterson, who is very observant, noticed a valley in the hills on the west side of the river, this side of Bartlett's Grove.  He suggested that the course of the Muskingum river be turned through this valley.  The river would then run about a mile back of Fairview Heights and empty into the Ohio river near Mile Run.

Mr. Patterson suggested that the city endeavor to secure governmental aid in such a project.  He said that machinery now in use on the Panama Canal would serve a good purpose here.

Although this would be a great engineering feat, there is little question of its practicability, and the flood problem in Marietta could no doubt be solved in this way.  Records go to show that the Muskingum has been largely responsible for all big floods here.

Reign of Martial Law to Be Concluded Saturday

Martial law in Marietta will be lifted, Saturday morning at five o'clock, and all the saloons will be allowed to open.

Company L, which has been in this city for several days, was taken off duty today, and the members left for their homes at Athens at 10:25 o'clock.

Company E of Caldwell, who have been stationed on the West side, have also been dismissed and the men returned home at 2:05 o'clock this afternoon.

The ambulance company, consisting of thirty men, also left this morning, for their homes in Toledo.

The members of the hospital corps will, in all probability, leave this afternoon or Saturday.

Company B, of this city, will remain on duty to assist the local authorities in maintaining order.  They will also guard all government property.  They will have their headquarters in the armory, Saturday.

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