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Flood of 1913 - April 3

The Register-Leader, Thursday, April 3, 1913

Governor Cox Coming to Marietta to Investigate the Needs Here

Governor Cox is accompanying the Ohio Flood Relief Committee on its trip over the devastated sections of Ohio and will arrive in Marietta with the members of that body, Friday or Saturday.  The governor and the members of the committee first went to Dayton.  From there they will go to Cincinnati and Hamilton.

They will reach Pittsburgh some time Friday and from there they will start immediately for Marietta.  The governor and the members of the relief committee are traveling on a special train and where the railroads have been washed out they are using powerful automobiles.

Private Donations Toward Relief Work in Marietta

Some citizens, companies and fraternal bodies have already responded to Chairman B. F. Strecker's appeal for financial aid.

Treasurer C. F. Speary has received the following donations:  The Buckeye Pipe Line Company, $1,000; W. W. Mills, $1,000; the Parkersburg, Marietta and Interurban Company, $250; Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, $200 and the Fraternal Order of Eagles, $100.

The $5,000 which General Speaks ordered Colonel Knox to expend is on the way to this city and will be used to pay the bills already contracted.

Congressman George White has taken up the matter of securing financial aid from the state and federal governments.

The financial committee has sent an appeal for aid from former Marietta oil men located in Oklahoma.

Committee At Work

At the meeting of the General Relief Committee held, Wednesday evening, at the Y.M.C.A., Charles Penrose, C. L. Flanders, A. F. Cole, B. B. Putnam and E. H. Stewart were appointed members of the appraisement committee.

These men will commence work at once appraising the property loss of the sufferers whose homes were either wrecked, carried away or washed from the foundations.

this work will require several days and the property loss in Marietta can not be given until this committee makes its report.

James McLaren was appointed to head a salvage committee which will salvage all of the damaged goods which will be thrown out by the merchants.  This will all be carted to high ground, and put in condition for use.

L. N. Harness and A. F. Cole were also appointed to assist the committeemen from each precinct who began the survey of the precincts, this morning.

Heavy Losses Down the River

A. S. Dunnington and C. a. Peavy, who left Sunday, for Ripley, W. Va., arrived in the city, Wednesday afternoon, on the gasoline boat C. L. Woolridge, bringing with them the body of W. S. Pattin, who died twenty miles back of Ripley, last Thursday at 2 P.M.

Mr. Pattin had been ill but an hour, and his death was due to heart trouble.  Arrangements for the funeral will be announced later.

Messrs. Dunnington and Peavy report that the damage between Marietta and Ravenswood was heavy.  Entire orchards were washed away, small towns wiped out, railroad tracks torn up and bridges washed away.

There was not a railroad station left standing on the Ohio river road between Parkersburg and Ravenswood.  There were only two section houses standing and these were partly demolished.

Getting Gas Mains in Order

F. L. Reed, of the River Gas Company, stated this morning that there are forty men from points in West Virginia in this city, repairing the gas lines and getting the system in working order.

The men are encamped on Camp Tupper and have their own commissary.  The work is in charge of General Superintendent Cooper and P. J. Quinlan.  Efforts are being made to have the gas in all the flooded districts as soon as possible.  There is plenty of gas and the pressure is good.

Took Care of Flood Sufferers During the Past Few Days

Several families who lost their homes in the flood were housed and are being cared for by the Elks in their home on Front street.  Part of these families were in the home during the flood.  Several families took some of their furniture to the home which was all saved.

Mrs. Eells Dead

Mrs. L. F. Eells, one of Marietta's oldest and most beloved women, died suddenly at her home on Fourth street, this morning, at 6:30 o'clock, following an attack of appoplexy.

Father Woesman Leaves

Rev. Father Woesman, of St. Mary Catholic church, left, this morning, for Europe, where he will tour for the next three or four months.

Sanitary Needs Given Attention

Major Wadhams, of the regular army, who arrived in the city, Wednesday, is assisting in the sanitary work about the city.  He has ordered a carload of lime and chemicals which will be used as soon as they arrive.

Captain Hicock, who is also representing the regular army has ordered a good supply of bedding and mattresses from the war department.  These goods will be rushed to this city as soon as possible.

The two army officers, in company with the executive committee of the general relief committee made a tour of the city, Wednesday afternoon and were given an idea of the help needed.  They will be in active charge of the government relief work in this city.

Supplies Are Rolling In

Marietta is rapidly being supplied with provisions of all kinds from the neighboring towns, the state and federal government.  Thirteen wagon loads of prepared provisions arrived in the city, Wednesday, from Woodsfield and as many more are on the way.

Other provisions such as bread, meat and flour has been shipped to this city by boat from points up the river.  The provisions from the government have come overland by way of the M. C. & C.

Marietta has thus far received from the federal government 200 tents, 1,000 cots, 20 blankets and 1,500 pairs of shoes.  Part of this will be used as supplies for the soldiers now on duty.

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