Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plans Adopted for New Bank Building

The Register-Leader, May 13, 1907

Before the summer is very much farther advanced actual work of construction on the handsome new German National Bank building, which will be located on the old jail lot, at the corner of Putnam and Second streets, will begin.  The building committee of the bank has adopted plans for the building and specifications are already being drawn up by Mills and Pruitt, a well known architect firm of Columbus.  The building will be a six story structure, thirty feet on Putnam and one hundred and one on Second street.  The first floor will be used for a banking room and the remainder of the building for offices, handsome suites to be fitted up.  The building will be thoroughly modern in every way and have the best of equipment.  The first two stories will be of stone and the remainder of brick.  It will probably be completed early next summer.  When finished it will be a structure of which the city can well be proud.

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