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Inspection Trip to Pittsburgh

The Register-Leader, February 26, 1913

Plan of a Number of Property Owners is to View Street Raising Done There.

According to the sentiment of seventy-five per cent of the Front, Green and Second street property owners, who attended a meeting held in the court house, Tuesday evening, the raising of these several streets above high water is now practically assured.

The committee which has had the grade proposition under advisement for some time reported that they had adopted a minimum grade of 46 feet.  This grade seemed the most practical and was unanimously adopted by the entire number present.

With the streets raised to a height of 46 feet this would place the business section of Marietta immune from nearly all of the high waters in the history of the city except the 1884 and the 1907 floods.

The meting was the most enthusiastic and largest of any yet held and the question was discussed from all sides.  The practicability of the proposed improvement was taken into consideration, and the engineers present reported favorably on this point.

Mr. Dauenhauer, of the Eichleay Construction Company, of Pittsburgh, was present, and he told of the work now being done in Pittsburgh, McKees Rocks and other places in street raising projects.

Following Mr. Dauenhauer's address a committee was appointed to arrange for a trip to Pittsburgh and its surburbs to view the work now under way there.  From the interest shown, this morning, a number are planning to take the trip.

The present committees were asked to continue their work on the street raising proposition and to prepare further estimates and costs.  All of the property owners with the exception of three or four gave their consent to aid materially in the matter and there is no doubt but that the proposition will be endorsed by all in a few weeks.

It was shown, last evening, that the plans are materializing more and more each day and at the meeting were present nearly a hundred property owners, the members of the city council and a number of other interested parties.  The plan is already meeting the approval of the people in every section of the city, who will undoubtedly cooperate when the question is put to a vote.

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