Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beverly and Waterford Awake!

Marietta Intelligencer, May 1, 1861

Ed. Intelligencer:

The fire is up in Old Waterford!  Saturday evening a call was made to form a company of Home Guards, and 104 enrolled their names immediately, and to-day the number has been increased to nearly 200.  Our town is literally covered with flags.  Yesterday (Sunday) it was suggested that a pole and flag be put up near the locks before the boat came up with Captain Buell's company.  The plan was immediately put into operation, and this morning at 9 o'cl'k, we raised a pole 150 feet high, and run up the stars and stripes, amid the shouts of the assembled multitude.

The ladies volunteered to make the flag, and they did it in double quick time.  The flag is 17 by 56 feet, and was carried down to the pole by a number of ladies, headed by the fife and drum.  All honor the patriotic ladies of Beverly.

About 600 people assembled at the lock to-day to give Captain Buell's company a reception.  As the boat entered the lock the Home Guards, under command of Captain C. R. Barclay, fired a salute, and the Beverly Brass Band struck up Hail Columbia.  As soon as the band ceased playing, the Beverly Vocal Band sung that patriotic and soul stirring son, "My Native Land," in a style that was loudly applauded by the crowd.  After this C. R. Barclay, Esq., made a brief, pertinent, and patriotic address to the company, which was briefly responded to by George P. Buell, Esq., in behalf of the company.  Four young men from Beverly, volunteered to go with Captain Buell's company.  Our old fellow citizen, Col. E. S. McIntosh, bought up all the undershirts and drawers in town, for the use of those who went from here, and Captain Buell's company.  The purse strings of all are open.  There is no party feeling here, but all feel alike for the Union and Liberty.

Old Waterford is waked up, and will do her duty.


Beverly, April 22d, 1861.

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