Monday, April 18, 2011

A Card

Marietta Intelligencer, May 8, 1861

Head Quarters, 1st Reg. O. Lt. Artillery
Camp Putnam, Marietta, May 7

The Officers and men composing the 1st Regiment O. Lt. Artillery, now encamped at Marietta, Ohio, desire to express their heart-felt acknowledgements to the ladies of Marietta, who so generously and liberally supplied the soldiers with refreshments and delicacies on the evening of Satuday, May 4th.  None but those who have accustomed themselves to soldier's fare, could properly appreciate so timely a donation.  We subjoin a list of the names of the ladies furnishing the food:

Mrs. Eels
Mrs. D. P. Adams
Mrs. J. Holden
Mrs. Soyez
Mrs. Ewart
Mrs. Emerson
Mrs. Iams
Mrs. Brigham
Mrs. Edgerton
Mrs. Mills
Mrs. Kendrick
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. J. W. Baldwin
Mrs. Thompson

A Card.

Camp Putnam, Head Quarters
C. Lt. Art. Co. A.

Resolved, That we the members of the C. Lt. Art. Co. A. return our most sincere thanks to the ladies of Marietta, who presented us with that most excellent, and delicious can of Tomatoes, and that it is the most earnest wish, that their kind and patriotic deeds may always be fully appreciated, and abundantly rewarded.

J. Hale Sypher, Cor. Sec.
By order of Company A.

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