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The Marietta Blues

Marietta Intelligencer, May 1, 1861

This company left on Monday morning on the Lizzie Martin for Zanesville.  It numbers 110 members, among them some of our most promising young men.  The news of the President's call for troops was received Monday, the 15th.  The company was called together that evening and volunteers solicited.  In three days there were over 100 added to their ranks.  They were drilled every day by Capt. DeBeck, of Cincinnati, son-in-law of Mr. Louis Soyez - a thorough tactician - and make very rapid progress.

There was an assemblage of at least 3000 persons on the Commons, to witness their departure Monday morning.  The Fire Company, and the College Volunteers were in attendance.  A beautiful silk flag - the handiwork of the ladies of the city - was presented to the Company in behalf of the fair donors, by M. Clark, Esq.  His presentation speech was neat and appropriate, and breathed the true spirit of loyalty.  We regret that we cannot give it in full.  Capt. Buell accepted the flag in a few patriotic remarks, pledging his company that it should never be disgraced in their hands.

Then followed the leave-taking, a scene that cannot be described.  Here were fathers and mothers hanging upon the necks of sons in a last long embrace; wives were clinging to their husbands in agonies of distress; brothers bidding adieu to brothers; friend giving friend his farewell greeting.  Scarcely a dry eye was to be seen in the immense crowd.  But the sorrow of parting, though it caused the tears to flow abundantly, was mitigated by the thought that children, kindred, friends, - all were responding to the call of duty, they were going to defend the Government to which we all owe our safety - our very existence.

The Company was ranged on the hurricane deck, and as the boat moved out from the landing, cheer upon cheer arose from the vast assemblage, hats were swung, handkerchiefs waved, and many a "God peed yon," uttered, and the crowd slowly and sadly dispersed.

The commissioned officers are as follows:  Capt., Frank Buell; 1st Lieutenant, D. O'Leary; 2d Lieutenant, W. H. Bisbee; 3d Lieutenant, Thomas Dyer.

The following list is somewhat imperfect, but a corrected list, long expected, has not come to hand, and we can wait no longer:

Frank Buell
E. Corey
Thomas Dyer
Augustus Morris
Augustus Kropp
James Turner
Owen O'Neal
George W. McCadden
Henry Close
John Mahnkin
Henry Henning
Henry Eastman
Dennis O'Leary
Eli P. Boring
Jacob Shaw
J. S. Parker
William H. Bisbee
John Theis
Gordon B. West
W. W. Withrow
Samuel C. Skinner
P. S. Ripley
Peter Scherer
David Craig
Peter L. Conniffe
Herman Kertchner
George Vickers
Guy Barrows
William U. Fuolke
Samuel Tracey
G. W. Devin
William Parker
Joseph Corey
William Robinson
John McCullough
John L. Shaw
W. W. Pixley
Jethro Davis
John Phelps
Absolom Boring
Michael Padden
Charles Strempel
William Bryan
Thomas Daley
R. Starke
John Ranger
Arius Kennedy
Robinson Blaine
John Smith
R. H. Bull
Robert Shires
Stephen P. Collins
Wesley Miner
Lewis Monroe
Reuben L. Nye
George B. Haskins
L. R. Green
Elijah G. Smith
Charles Clogston
John N. Miner
Henry Kellner
Oscar Underwood
T. R. Thorniley
Wallace Hill
Jacob Bower
Daniel Soler
Philly Longfeud
Lafayette Lagrange
Anthony Padden
Theodore G. Field
David Dow
Thomas McNamer
Ordam Snier
George Pixley
Benjamin Bragg
T. W. Terry
Henry Staunton
John Clark
Alvin Tucker
George Coon
Daniel Y. Hill
William Spence
J. Palmer
Daniel Close
William Holden
George W. Ridgway

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