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Officers of the Militia - 1818

The Marietta Register, December 28, 1876

E. R. Alderman, Esq., Editor of Marietta Register:

Dear Sir:  The enclosed relic of by-gone days sufficiently explains itself.

The annual holiday occasions open the way for recurring to any past events of interest in their day, but more especially, as in the present instance, where some of the original parties, spared to an advanced age are still living and duly honored in the present generation by whom they are surrounded.

Your home readers will appreciate this pioneer audit with special favor, all the names doubtless being well remembered by very many of your present citizens.

A. B. Walker.

Rank Roll of the Commissioned Officers of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade and 3d Division of Ohio Militia.  [Those marked with a * are now living. - Ed. Reg.]

*Colonel Augustus Stone, June 13, 1815.
Lieut. Colonel John Thornerley, 1818.
Major Lory Ford, March 7, 1816.
Captain Walter Curtis, February 23, 1816.
Captain Jabez F. Palmer, March 13, 1816.
Captain Truman Ransom, April 3, 1816.
Captain Duty Green (by lot), April 22, 1816.
Captain Samuel Beech, April 22, 1816.
Captain Ebenezer Battelle, Sept. 10, 1816.
*Captain John Mills, August 14, 1817.
*Captain John Stone, February 4, 1818.
Captain Henry Blackmer, March 30, 1818.
Captain Harry Hill, May 13, 1818.
Captain John Cotton (Surgeon), 1818.
Captain S. P. Robbins (Chaplain), 1818.
*Captain Anselm T. Nye, May 21, 1818.
Captain Zebulon Jennings, Sept. 15, 1818.
Lieut. Paton R. Fearing, April 2, 1816.
Lieut. David Deming, April 22, 1816.
Lieut. Salmon P. Buell, March 17, 1817.
Lieut. H. L. Prentiss, August 14, 1817.
Lieut. Miller Clarke, February 4, 1818.
Lieut. Asa Perkins, March 13, 1818.
Lieut. Charles Bosworth, June 18, 1818.
Lieut. Elihue Woodward, Sept. 15, 1818.
Lieut. Jacob Rand, 1818.
Lieut. Jno. Gitteau, Pay Master, 1818.
Lieut. Edward Gitteau, Quar. Master, 1818.
Lieut. Charles T. Hildreth, S. Mate, 1818.
Lieut. Francis Devol, Adjutant, 1818
Ensign David Edward, April 1814.
Ensign Samuel B. Pond, March 18, 1816.
Ensign Selah Heart, Jr., April 22, 1816.
Ensign Samuel Meller, April 22, 1816.
*Ensign Jonas Mason, August 6, 1816.
Ensign Sardis Cole, February 14, 1818.
Ensign Rufus Payne, May 13, 1818.
Ensign A. Cunningham, June 18, 1818.
Ensign Joshua Shipman, June 18, 1818.
Ensign Elisha Rose, 1818.

Marietta, Sept. 16th, 1818.

I certify the above to be a correct Rank Roll of the Commissioned Officers of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade and 3d Division of Ohio Militia to the returns made to the Adjutant.

Augustus Stone,
Col. 1st Reg., 1st B, and 3d D.O.M.

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