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A Pleasant Re-Union

The Marietta Register, September 7, 1876

Williamstown, W. Va., Aug. 26, '76. 

To day being the 76th anniversary of the birth of Miss Elizabeth T. Bukey, there was gathered together at the old Bukey homestead, a large assemblage of members of the family from far and near, with many of the early friends of her whose birthday was celebrated.  It was a fitting re-union of pioneers and members of this pioneer family, very appropriate in this centennial year.

The family is of Swiss origin - Colonel John Bukey having emigrated to America about the middle of the last century.  They removed from New Jersey to what is now Ohio county, West Va., in 1771.  He died soon afterward, leaving a numerous family, some of whom settled in Kentucky.  One son (John) was an officer in Gen. Wayne's army, and was killed at Fort Recovery, July 30th, 1794.

Hezekiah Bukey married Drussilla, daughter of Col. Joseph Tomlinson, of Grave Creek, Virginia, January 1st, 1798, and settled on the present Bukey farm in the following spring.  They moved from Grave Creek with all their household effects, in a canoe made of a hollow sycamore tree.  To them were born the following children:  Lucinda, October 7th, 1798; Elizabeth, August 27th, 1800; Tabitha, May 26th, 1802; Mary Ann, December 12th, 1804; Spencer T., January 17th, 1806; Van H., August 9th, 1807; William S., May 4th, 1809; John, October 22d, 1810; Isaac W., June 4th, 1812, and Susanna, October 14, 1814.  Of these there are now living, Elizabeth, whose birthday is here celebrated, and Mrs. Mary A. Wells (widow of the late Bazil Wells, deceased), who is also present.  Nearly all of Miss Bukey's Nephews and Neices, who are living near, were present, and the following friends of earlier years:

Drussilla Wells, age 61
Leah Griffin, age 85
Maria McKenzie, age 60
Ann Dye, age 76
Eliza Reed, age 65
Elizabeth Bukey, age 76
I. P. McKniney, age 84
Alexander Shanklin, age 72
Abagail Hazelrigg, age 84
Sarah McKinney, age 68
Mary A. Wells, age 72
Elizabeth Henderson, age 66
Elizabeth Magruder, age 60
Elizabeth Hazelrigg, age 61
David McKinney, age 75
P. Reed, age 71

Of this Bukey family, the oldest bearing the Bukey name, now living of the second generation, is Col. Van H. Bukey (who, with his family, is also present), and he, with his two brothers, Alexander and John, are the only male descendants in this generation bearing the family name.  And the two sons of Van H. bukey, the only males living bearing the name of the third generation from Hezekiah.

The progenitor of this branch of the family, Hezekiah Bukey, bore a prominent position in the early history of this country, having been the first Justice of the Peace in this county, served in the Legislature of the State for eleven terms, was actively engaged in the Indian Campaigns of earlier times, participated actively in the apprehension of and trial of Aaron Burr, and was otherwise identified as a leaading pioneer.  This, with extensive acquaintance, and connections of the family in this State, makes it appropriate that this record and account should be published for their information and interest.

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