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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - B

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Lucian Babcock, laborer, saw mill, res. Harmar.
Geo. Bachmann, Feed and Groceries, 118 south Second street, res. 116 south Second street.
Lizzie Bachmann, res. 116 south Second street.
Phillip Bachmann, Agent Gerke Brewing Co., 111 south Third street.
Peter Backus, laborer, res. 420 Sixth street.
G. A. Bahlman, tailor, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 106 Wooster street.
Nettie Bahlman, laborer, Marietta Book Bindery, res. Harmar.
Anna Baker, Baker Sisters, res. 185-1/2 Front street.
Benj. Baker, laborer, Chair Factory, res. 716 Fifth street.
Alpheus Baker, gunsmith, A. C. McGirr, res. 629 Fourth street.
Charles Baker, carpenter, Smith & Foreman, res. 711 Sixth street.
Carrie Baker, Baker Sisters, res. 185-1/2 Front street.
Carrie Baker, domestic, 215 Fourth street.
Carrie S. Baker, widow, res. 627 Fourth street.
Chas. Baker, laborer, chair factory, res. 722 Fifth street.
Daniel L. Baker, laborer, chair factory, res. 717 Fifth street.
Ezra Baker, teamster, res. 626 Front street.
Henry Baker, foreman, chair factory, res. 716 Fifth street.
Jno. Baker, carpenter, res. 106 Post street.
Lizzie Baker, domestic, 301 Fifth street.
Lizzie Baker, widow, res. 722 Fifth street.
Mary Baker, Baker Sisters, res. 185-1/2 Front street.
Mattie Baker, domestic, 219 Putnam street.
Baker Sisters, dressmakers, 185-1/2 Front street.
Maggie Baldwin, book agent, res. 117 south Second street.
A. M. Barbour, widow, res. 501 Fifth street.
Fannie Barbour, teacher, Third street school, res. 501 Fifth street.
Jennie Barmon, widow, res. Muskingum street.
Rev. J. R. Barnes, res. 401 Fourth street.
Alex. Barnhart, laborer, res. head of Seventh street.
Jos. Barnhart, laborer, 602 Seventh street.
Herman Baron, Baron & King, boards St. James Hotel.
Baron & King, photographers, 202 Front street.
Perry S. Barrows, candy mf’r., 230 Front street, res. 612 Third street.
W. G. Barthalow, Clerk of Court, res. 523 Fourth street.
Miles Bartimes, blacksmith, Newport Pike.
Jacob Bast, res. 509 Second street.
Albert Bates, cook, steamer Scotia, res. 306 Church street.
Albert Baum, barber, C. Baum, res. 509 Washington street.
Clara Baum, seamstress, S. Sulzbacher, res. 509 Washington street.
Conrad Baum, barber, 127 Putnam street, res. 509 Washington street.
Louisa Baum, clerk, L. C. Baum, res. 509 Washington street.
A. M. Baumgardner, widow, res. 714 Fourth street.
Katie Baumgartner, seamstress, C. C. Ketter, res. Harmar.
Katie Bay, res. 219 Second street.
T. C. Bay, carriage manufacturer, 217 Second street, res. 219 Second street.
Thos. H. Bay, wagonmaker, T. C. Bay, res. 219 Second street.
Wm. Bay, farmer, res. 262 Front street.
A. G. Beach, student, res. 509 Fourth street.
Alfred Beach, laborer, res. 226 Seventh street.
Mrs. D. E. Beach, widow, res. 509 Fourth street.
W. G. Beach, tutor Academy, res. 509 Fourth street.
Earnest Beagle, ticket agent, C. & M.R.R., res. 312 Greene street.
Mrs. J. E. Beagle, widow, res. 312 Greene street.
Adeline Bean, widow, res. 214 south Sixth street.
Stella Bean, clerk, Hutchison’s, res. 415 Hart street.
Caroline Bechold, res. 206 Meigs street.
Catherine Bechold, widow, res. 206 Meigs street.
Charles Beck, shoemaker, P. C. Fischer, res. 607 Washington street.
Chas. E. Beck, shoemaker, H. Kestermeier, res. 611 Washington street.
Charles Beck, Jr., cigar maker, J. L. Stephens, res. 607 Washington street.
Wm. Beck, moulder, Nye’s Foundry, res. 628 Fifth street.
Anna Becker, res. 516 Fifth street.
Caroline Becker, widow, res. 725 Sixth street.
Carrie Becker, domestic, 312 Fourth street.
Charles Becker, brewer, Union Brewery, res. 362 Sixth street.
Charles Becker, laborer, chair factory, res. 530 Sixth street.
Daniel Becker, musician, res. 516 Fifth street.
Jacob Becker, tailor, 230 Front street, res. 605 Putnam street.
Jno. H. Becker, carpenter, res. 631 Second street.
Josephine Becker, res. 605 Putnam street.
Lena Becker, res. 605 Putnam street.
Lizzie Becker, res. 516 Fifth street.
Mollie Becker, res. 516 Fifth street.
Phillip Becker, carpenter, res. 303 Greene street.
Nellie Beebe, domestic, 111 Putnam street.
J. W. Beebe, salesman, Singer Mfg. Co., res. Parkersburg, W. Va.
Jno. Behen, engineer, C. & M.R.R., res. 312 Greene street.
Amos P. Bell, pharmacist, R. L. Curtis, res. 510 Second street.
David L. Bell, laborer, 107 Sacra Via, res. 304 Warren street.
Geo. Bell, laborer, res. 708 Front street.
James Bell, laborer, res. 606 Hart street.
Jesse Bell, res. 712 Sixth street.
Louise Bell, widow, res. 607 Wayne street.
Wm. F. Bell, barber, F. Morgenstern, 712 Sixth street.
Wm. H. Bell, laborer, chair factory, res. 514 Seventh street.
Hattie Bennett, bookkeeper, Marietta Chair Co., boards 216 Fifth street.
Flora Bennett, teacher Washington street school, boards 216 Fifth street.
W. P. Bennett, res. 522 Third street.
Lizzie Berg, domestic, 106 Second street.
Lizzie Berg, domestic, 408 Fourth street.
Lizzie Berg, domestic, 425 Sixth street.
Christ. Bergen, laborer, res. 714 Second street.
Daniel Bergen, shoemaker, 606 Sixth street, res. same.
Nahum Bergen, letter-carrier, res. 727 Third street.
Geo. Bernhardt, laborer, chair factory, res. 605 Washington street.
Mrs. Geo. Bernhardt, widow, res. 322 Third street.
Lizzie Bernhardt, res. 322 Third street.
Louise Bernhardt, res. 322 Third street.
Eliza Berry, widow, res. 206 Fifth street.
G. E. Berry, A. L. Rider & Co., rooms 294 Front street.
Millie A. Berry, widow, res. 411 Third street.
Wm. Berry, res. 120 south Fifth street.
Geo. Berton (colored), laborer, res. 623 Eighth street.
Chas. Best, steamboatman, rooms 131 Greene street.
Ed. Best, laborer, chair factory, res. 539 Sixth street.
Ed. Best, clerk, G. C. Best, res. 111 Ohio street.
Emma Best, teacher, Greene street school, res. 308 Greene street.
Frank Best, res. 316 Third street.
G. C. Best, Groceries and Boat Stores, 107 & 109 Ohio street & 110 Greene street, res. 308 Greene street.
Geo. C. Best, Jr., Asst. Cashier First National Bank, res. 318 Greene street.
Henry Best, book-keeper, Geo. Rice, rooms, 131 Greene street.
Henry W. Best, clerk, Charles Jones & Son, res. 408 Washington street.
Henry J. Best, laborer, chair factory, res. 408 Washington street.
Herman Best, laborer, chair factory, res. 408 Washington street.
Herman Best, laborer, chair factory, res. 618 Fourth street.
Lillie Best, operator, Telephone Exchange, res. 308 Greene street.
Mary Best, res. 308 Greene street.
Nellie Best, res. 308 Greene street.
Mrs. F. D. Bestow, widow, res. 410 Front street.
Bickert Bros., Boots and Shoes, 146 Front street.
Catherine Bickert, widow, res. 109 south Fourth street.
E. J. Bickert, clerk, S. R. Turner & Co., res. 109 south Fourth street.
Geo. Bickert, Bickert Bros., res. 104 south Fourth street.
Henry Bickert, shoemaker, Bickert Bros., res. 109 south Fourth street.
Jno. Bickert, Bickert Bros., res. 304 Greene street.
Katie Bickert, res. 109 south Fourth street.
Chas. Bierschwall, fireman, C. & M.R.R., res. 803 Second street.
Christ. Bierschwall, car inspector, C. & M.R.R., res. 803 Second street.
Arthur L. Binkley, student, res. 611 Fourth street.
Rev. L. H. Binkley, pastor M. E. Church, res. 611 Fourth street.
Thomas D. Biscoe, Professor Natural Sciences, Marietta College, res. 404 Front street.
Jacob Bischman, laborer chair factory, res. 631 Seventh street.
Louis Bischman, laborer, res. 724 Sixth street.
Elizabeth Bishop, widow, res. 202 Fourth street.
Elizabeth Bishop, widow, res. 411 Hart street.
James Bishop, laborer, res. 411 Hart street.
Vat. Bishop, res. 202 Fourth street.
Catherine Biszantz, widow, res. 120 Second street.
Emma Biszantz, res. 120 Second street.
Frank B. Biszantz, proprietor, St. James Hotel, res. Same.
Lizzie Biszantz, clerk, O. S. Lyne, res. 120 south Second street.
Phoeba Biszantz, widow, res. Fultonberg.
Wm. Biszantz, packer, chair factory, res. 120 south Second street.
Samuel E. Blair, printer, Marietta Leader, res. Harmar.
Geo. Blake, Clothing etc., 174 Front street, res. 319 Fifth street.
Chas. Block, laborer, chair factory, res. 406 Mulberry street.
Henry Block, laborer, chair factory, res. 517 Eighth street.
Jno. Block, laborer, res. 404 Mulberry street.
Louis Blohm, Grocer, 128 Putnam street, res. 430 Fifth street.
Wm. Blohm, meat market, 128 Putnam street, res. 126 Putnam street.
Edward Blume, sign and carriage painter, res. 331 Second street.
Fred Blume, Insurance and Loans, 133 Putnam street, res. 331 Second street.
Fred Blume, Jr., barber, F. Morgenstern, res. 331 Second street.
Henry Blume, Insurance Agt., res. 129 Second street.
Board of Trade, rooms, 175 Front street.
Chas. Bochmeier, tanner, res. 813 Second street.
Christ. Boesshar, carpenter, res. 720 Fifth street.
Jacob Boesshar, carpenter, res. 514 Front street.
Clara C. Bohl, res. 311 Washington street.
Hon. Henry Bohl, Life Insurance, res. 311 Washington street.
Henry G. Bohl, clerk, S. Sulzbacher, res. 311 Washington street.
Katie Bohl, domestic, 306 Putnam street.
Lucinda M. Bohl, res. 311 Washington street.
W. G. Bonsell, piano repairer, res. 814 Front street.
H. Boomer, painter, res. Newport Pike.
Louis Boomer, sawyer, chair factory, res. Newport Pike.
E. M. Booth, Cashier Citizens National Bank, res. 407 Fifth street.
Frank Booth, pilot, res. 226 south Seventh street.
Horatio Booth, res. 330 Fourth street.
Mary L. Booth, widow, res. 407 Fifth street.
Jas. Boothby, engineer, res. 817 Fourth street.
Anna Borman, domestic, 415 Fifth street.
Chas. S. Bosworth, candy maker, P. S. Barrows, res. 612 Third street.
D. P. Bosworth, Bosworth, Wells & Co., boards Pillsbury’s Hotel.
Bosworth, Wells & Co., Wholesale Grocers, 157 Front street.
Wm. Bosworth, brakeman, C. & M.R.R., 102 south Third street.
Kittie Bowles, res. 626 Seventh street.
Sadie Bowman, domestic, 411 Fifth street.
Florence Boyd, res. 320 Second street.
Rev. Dr. Jno. Boyd, rector Episcopal Church, res. 320 Second street.
Martha Boyd, widow, res. 115 south Fifth street.
Mary Boyd (colored), domestic, 229 Third street.
Nellie Boyd, res. 320 Second street.
Wm. D. Boyle, oil operator, boards National House.
E. Braddock, teamster, res. 208 Washington street.
Vet. Bradock, carpenter, res. 214 Church street.
Mrs. C. E. Bradford, widow, res. 717 Greene street.
Wm. Bradford, sawyer, chair factory, res. 226 Sixth street.
Bradford House, Mary E. Scott, proprietor, corner Ohio and Post streets.
Bert Bragg, laborer, Rice’s Refinery, res. Fultonburg.
Anna Bratten, res. 445 Ohio street.
Gracie Bratten, res. 445 Ohio street.
Jno. Bratten, shoemaker, James & Grimes, res. 445 Ohio street.
L. C. Braun, Baker and Confectioner, 138 Front street, res. 513 Sixth street.
Mary Braun, domestic, 109 Putnam street.
F. R. Brenan, Grocer and Tea Merchant, 142 Putnam street, res. Harmar.
J. C. Brenan, clerk, J. J. Brenan, res. 504 Hart street.
J. J. Brenan, Grocer, 117 Greene street, res. 504 Hart street.
W. A. Brenan, Grocer, 216 Front street, res. 828 Third street.
Mamie Brenminger, domestic, 431 Fourth street.
Carrie E. Brigham, res. 212 Washington street.
E. G. Brigham, Grocer, 136 Putnam street, res. 212 Washington street.
Margery E. Brill, domestic, 512 Sixth street.
Dan E. Britton, brickmoulder, res. Head of Seventh street.
Mrs. C. Broderick, widow, res. 115 Fourth street.
Mrs. L. Brokenshire, res. 324 Fourth street.
D. Brooker, clerk, Ohio Coal Co., res. 119 Fourth street.
Jas. A. Brooker, clerk Otto Bros., res. 119 Fourth street.
W. C. Brooker, lumber contractor, res. 628 Third street.
Henry Brookhart, pilot, steamer Courier, res. 628 Fourth street.
Fred Brookmeier, laborer, chair factory, res. 603 Seventh street.
Mary Brooks, laundress, National House, res. same.
Samuel Brooks, laborer, res. 732 Third street.
Jacob Broud, tanner, res. 829 Front street.
Brown’s Auction House, 109 Front street.
Adam Brown, res. 515 Sixth street.
A. H. Brown, res. 112 Second street.
Albert Brown, Groceries, 104 Front street, res. 326 south Seventh street.
Anthony Brown, bricklayer, res. 226 Meigs street.
Charles Brown, bricklayer, res. 226 Meigs street.
Chas. Brown, carriage painter, res. 212 Wooster street.
Chas. Brown, res. 505 Charles street.
Christina Brown, res. 419 Third street.
Dora Brown, domestic, 322 Fourth street.
Ellen Brown, res. 226 Meigs street.
Frank Brown, laborer, res. 226 Meigs street.
Jas. Brown, laborer, Dye Bros., res. 111 Third street.
Jacob Brown, laborer, res. 226 Meigs street.
J. H. Brown, Brown’s Auction House, res. Martin’s Ferry Ohio.
J. W. L. Brown, res. 228 Fifth street.
Katie Brown, domestic, res. 207 Sacra Via street.
L. S. Brown, auctioneer, Brown’s Auction House, res. 495 Front street.
Mark Brown, bricklayer, res. 226 Meigs street.
Brown & Mugrege, Livery Stable, 110 Second street.
Phoeba Brown, music teacher, res. 228 Fifth street.
T. Brown, laborer, res. 709 Second street.
W. H. Brown, Brown & Mugrege, res. 112 Second street.
Wm. Brown, laborer, chair factory, res. 630 Sixth street.
Wm. Brown, moulder, Nye’s Foundry, res. 509 Sixth street.
Wm. Brown, bricklayer, res. 226 Meigs street.
Lucy Browning, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 Third street.
Allen Bruce, medical student, res. 151 Front street.
Almer Bruce, teamster, res. Greene street.
Blanche Bruce, res. 151 Front street.
Rita Bruce, res. 151 Front street.
Robert Bruce, res. 151 Front street.
F. J. Buchert, clerk J. Seyler & Bro., res. 510 Front street.
Wm. H. Buck, clerk Duffy & Co., res. 509 College street.
E. W. Buell, civil engineer, res. 221 Fourth street.
Mrs. M. B. Buell, widow, res. 221 Fourth street.
Marie L. Buell, res. 221 Fourth street.
W. H. Buell & Co., Druggists, 128 Front street.
Wm. H. Buell, W. H. Buell & Co., res. 331 Fifth street.
Alex. Bukey, res. 320 Third street.
Alice Bukey, res. 320 Third street.
Helen Bukey, clerk Hutchison’s, res. 320 Third street.
Lizzie Bules, domestic, 306 Fourth street.
Louis Bules, res. 710 Second street.
Ida Bunch, res. Front street corner Knox street.
Robt. Bunch, steamboat engineer, res. Front street.
Wm. Bunch, laborer, chair factory, res. Front street.
S. Burchard, Poole & Co., res. Caywood, Ohio.
N. F. Burkhart, laborer, res. 612 Sixth street.
Chas. T. Butler, Butler & Van Dervoort, res. 230 Third street.
Butler & Van Dervoort, Dry Goods and Notions, 155 Front street.
Sam Bussard, carpenter, res. 113-1/2 Ohio street.
Geo. Butts, manager, Rice’s Refinery, res. 307 Second street.

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