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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - P

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Thos. Padden, conductor C. & M. R. R., res. 510 Putnam street.
G. A. Palmer, cutter, George Blake, res. 629 4th street.
Jewett Palmer, att’y at law, 177 Front street, res. 319 2d street.
Muriel Palmer, res. 319 2d street.
Chas. Pape, groceries and meat market 123 Greene street, res. 111 2d street.
Clint Pape, liveryman, stable 219 Greene street, res. 107 4th street.
J. D. Pape, groceries, res. 518 Front street.
Wm. Parrish, laborer, res. 409 Hart street.
C. H. Parker, porter Unique Saloon, res. 122 Muskingum street.
Eliza J. Parker, widow, res. 131 Ohio street.
Geo. Parker, clerk, L. D. Devol, res. 131 Ohio street.
Jas. Parker, shoemaker, Bickert Bros., res. 131 Ohio street.
Tom Parker, clerk, B. W. & Co., res. 122 Washington street.
W. A. Patterson, deputy county auditor, res. Central House.
Arthur L. Payne, medical student, res. 410 Front street.
Geo. L. Payne, carpenter, res. 518 5th street.
G. M. Payne, agt. U. S. Express Co., res. 327 3d street.
J. B. Payne, magnetic healer, res. 420 2d street.
J. D. Payne, att’y at law, office 208 Putnam street, res. 420 2d street.
J. A. Payne, steamboatman, res. 110 2d street.
J. Q. Payne, steamboatman, res. 110 2d street.
Lela B. Payne, res. 110 2nd street.
Martha Payne, widow, res. 109 Sacra Via.
R. N. Payne, book-keeper, 1st Nat. Bank, res. 110 s 2d street.
Sedwick Payne, steamboatman, res. 110 s. 2d street.
W. N. Payne, merchant, Gates & Payne, Front street, res. 410 Front street.
Mrs. S. L. Paxton, widow, res. 619 3d street.
Lois Peaker, bartender, Commercial House, res. 125 s 2d street.
Rev. Wm. Pearce, res. 615 Tupper street.
Nora Peck, book-keeper Marietta Leader, res. 328 2d street.
Warren Peck, res. St. Cloud Hotel.
C. N. Peddinghaus, jeweler, M. T. Peddingha[us], res. 251 4th street.
J. M. Peddinghaus, clerk M. T. Peddinghaus, res. 251 4th street.
L. L. Peddidghaus, commercial traveler, res. 322 Front street.
Stella Peden, domestic, 136 4th street.
G. M. Penn, oil operator, res. 113 4th street.
Martin Penwell, teamster, res. 118 3d street.
Tim Penwell, clerk str. Courier, res. 122 s 3d street.
Anna Pepper, widow, res. 722 4th street.
A. S. Perkins, laborer, res. Fultonburg.
Frank Perry, laborer, res. 8th street.
Anna Peters, domestic, 620 4th street.
Benj. Peters, plumber, res. 621 6th street.
Bernard Peters, tinner, J. Seyler & Bro., res. 621 6th street.
David Peters, tinner, res. 510 3rd street.
John F. Peters, tinner, J. Seyler & Bros., res. 125 s 5th st.
John H. Peters, retoucher, Baron & King, res. 125 s 5th st.
Leon H. Peters, carpenter, Smith & Foreman, 3rd street, res. 512 7th street.
Philip B. Peters, tinner, Rodick block, res. 804 4th street.
F. L. Peterman, cigar maker, P. Schlicher, boards St. James Hotel.
Chas. Petrie, brick mason, res. 502 7th street.
Fred Petrie, brick mason, res. 708 8th street.
Carrie Pfaff, tailoress, S. Sulzbacher, res. Harmar.
Chas. Pfaff, laborer, chair factory, res. 724 4th street.
Christian Pfaff, saloon and pool room, 242 Front street.
David Pfaff, laborer, chair factory, res. 610 Washington st.
Daniel Pfaff, carpenter, res. 510 Washington street.
Frank Pfaff, clerk, M. Wendelken & Co., res. 510 Washington street.
Fred Pfaff, laborer, chair factory, res. 508 Washington street.
Jacob Pfaff, bakery, 112 Putnam street.
John Pfaff, clerk, res. 130 s 2nd street.
Lillie Pfaff, res. 510 Washington street.
Louis Pfaff, carpenter, 510 Washington street.
J. G. Pfeiffer, tailor, 216 Front street, res. Harmar.
J. M. Pfeiffer, nurseryman, 804 Front street.
Mary Pfeiffer, domestic, res. 415 5th street.
Wm. E. Pfeiffer, job printer, Marietta Leader, res. Harmar.
George Pflug, barber, 210 Front street, res. Harmar.
Joseph Pflug, barber 210 Front street, res. Harmar.
Phi Gamma Delta College Fraternity, 167 Front street.
E. E. Phillips, prof. Marietta College, res. 315 3d street.
Jas. E. Phillips, locomotive engineer, res. 515 5th street.
Lyman Phillips, brickmaker, 634 Warren street.
R. E. Phillips, manager Federal Valley Coal Co., res. 316 3d street.
Phoenix Oil Works, 102 Greene Street.
Alden Pierce, farmer, Newport Pike.
Maggie Pifer, domestic 230 Putnam street.
Pillsbury’s Hotel, G. L. Pillsbury prop’r 252 Front street.
E. S. Pillsbury, widow, res. 252 Front street.
G. L. Pillsbury, Prop. Pillsbury Hotel, res. 252 Front street.
Chas. Pinkerton, teamster, res. 807 3rd street.
Sarah Pinkerton, domestic, Pillsbury Hotel, res. Harmar.
Thomas Pinkerton, teamster, res. 807 3d street.
Thomas Pinkerton, laborer, Bradford House.
Geo. Pinkerton, teamster, res. 807 3d street.
Edwin Pixley, saw filer, chair factory, res. 809 4th street.
Ben Pixley, farmer, res. Sacra Via street.
Frank Pixley, laborer, chair factory, res. 626 6th street.
Mrs. F. Pixley, widow, res. 308 Washington street.
W. W. Pixley, carpenter, res. 811 4th street.
Geo. Plumer, student, res. 623 4th street.
J. A. Plumer, real estate agt., 122 Putnam street, res. 623 4th street.
J. W. Pontius, laborer, spoke & rim works, res. 335 2d street.
Alex Pool, laborer, Rice’s Oil Refinery, Newport Pike.
Samuel Pool, huckster, res. 701 7th street.
Pool & Co., plumbers & gas fitters, 129 Putnam street.
L. L. Pool, Pool Co., plumbers, 307 4th street.
S. S. Porter, teacher public schools, res. 426 4th street.
Belle Posey, domestic, 218 Greene street.
Henry C. Posey, fireman Marietta chair factory, res. 709 3d street.
Geo. Poulton, laborer, res. 202 s. 6th street.
Barbara Prell, res. 110 Putnam street.
Susie Prell, res. 110 Putnam street.
Curtis Preston, clerk, Charles Jones & Son, Harmar.
T. M. Preston, res. 412 4th street.
Geo. Price, laborer, chair factory, res. Newport Pike.
F. Price, auditor, T. & O. C. E. R. R., res. 508 3d street.
Eliza Putnam, widow, res. 517 3d street.
Geo. H. Putnam, plasterer, res. 610 2d street.
F. P. Putnam, plasterer, res. 611 3rd street.
Jessie Putnam, domestic, 611 3d street.
Rollo G. Putnam, queensware, china, glass, &c., 125 Front street.
Robert Pugh, printer, res. Harmar.
Willis Pugh, teamster, res. 309 Ohio street.
Clara Pumphry, groceries, 309 Ohio street.

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