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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - M

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Geo. Macdonald, oil operator, res. 102 2d street.
Maria Madden, domestic, 328 4th street.
Henry Mahnken, res. 601 Washington street.
Henry Mahaken, moulder, Nye’s foundry, res. 522 6th street.
John Mahnken, carpenter, res. 632 5th street.
Sohn Mahnken, laborer, chair factory, res. 614 6th street.
Mary Mahnken, tailoress, S. Sulzbacher, res. 625 5th street.
Will Mahnken, laborer, chair factory, res. 625 5th street.
Wm. Mahnker, carpenter, res. 632 5th street.
Sam’l. Maloney, cabinet maker, res. 714 Washington street.
Michael Maloy, res. 622 7th street.
Peter Maloy, teamster, res. 713 7th street.
Nellie Manning, domestic, 307 4th street.
Henry Maphis, tanner, res. 832 3d street.
Marietta Chair Co., John Mills, pres’t, Jno Garry, sec’y, and J. H. Grafton, sup’t, office and works, 6th street.
Marietta Steam Laundry, Wm. D. Rock, prop, Ohio street, bet. Front and Post streets.
Marietta Plumbing Co., M. McMillin, prest, 256 Front street.
Mary A. Markley, res. 128 s 4th street.
Alice Marshall, res. 414 Hart street.
B. Marshall, watchmaker, 233 Second street, res. Same.
Mrs. S. M. Marshall, stamping, res. 233 Second street.
Mrs. N. S. Marshall, widow, res. Corner Fifth and Wooster streets.
A. G. Martin, proprietor, Valley House, 239 Ohio street.
Hattie Martin, domestic, 316 Third street.
G. D. Marvin, bar keeper, Central Theatre, res. 107 Greene street.
S. J. Marvin, teamster, res. 209 Washington street.
Wm. Marvin, carpenter, res. 300 Greene street.
E. J. Mason, engineer, C. & M. R. R., res. 416 Second street.
Hall A. Mason, clerk, S. R. Turner & Co., res. 416 Second street.
Mrs. L. B. Mason, widow, res. 625 Third street.
Mrs. L. E. Mason, widow, res. 512 Wooster street.
Wm. B. Mason, postal clerk, B. & O. R. R., res. 625 Third street.
Thomas Matchett, brick layer, res. 510 Hart street.
Jennie Mathers, domestic, 329 Third street.
Daniel G. Mathews, soliciting agt, O. R. R. R., 102 Front street, res. 312 Front street.
Charles Mathews, clerk, M. Wendelken & Co., res. Harmar.
J. Matson, teacher, Third street school, res. 227 Fourth street.
Henry Mattern, laborer, chair factory, res. 413 Sixth street.
Katie Mattern, domestic, 164 Front street.
John May, laborer, Dye’s livery, res. 112 south Second street.
Vesta May, res. 112 south Second street.
Carrie Mayer, widow, res. 411 Warren street.
Mrs. M. A. Maxon, widow, res. 306 Front street.
Fannie McAllister, res. 225 south Sixth street.
Frank McAllister, painter, chair factory, res. 716 Sixth street.
J. A. McAllister, engineer, res. 225 south Sixth street.
Louis McAllister, res. 526 Sixth street.
Nell McAllister, res. 225 south Sixth street.
Chas. McCallister, painter, res. 223 Sixth street.
Emma McCallister, widow, res. 411 Second street.
Jane McCallister, widow, res. 633 Seventh street.
Bettie McCalley, waitress, Bradford House, res. same.
Christina McCalley, clerk, Bradford House, res. same.
Jno. McCann, oil operator, res. 319 Greene street.
Jos. McCarty, Marietta Oil Works, res. 426 Fifth street.
Wm. C. McCarty, Marietta Oil Works, res. 426 Fifth street.
Jos. McCloy, agent, C. & M. R. R., res. 220 Greene street.
James McClure, physician, Hart & McClure, res. 310 Second street.
Rev. A. D. McCormick, res. 523 Fifth street.
Arch. McConaughey, laborer, res. 202 south Sixth street.
J. W. McCormick, prosecuting attorney, 140 Putnam street, res. 523 Fifth street.
Asa D. McCoy, clerk, post office, res. Harmar.
Jno. McCoy, salesman, Strecker Bros., res. 332 Front street.
Mrs. Z. McCoy, res. 128 Seventh street.
James McDermott, res. Fultonburg.
Mrs. M. McDermott, widow, res. 611 Wayne street.
Michael McDermott, laborer, res. Fultonburg.
Thomas McDermott, laborer, res. 611 Wayne street.
Mrs. A. McDonald, widow, res. 203 Montgomery street.
Patrick McDonnell, laborer, res. 430 Third street.
Geo. McDonough, section foreman, C. & M. R. R., res. 210 Wooster street.
Julia McDonough, seamstress, J. W. Van Metre, res. 108 Wooster street.
Jane McFarland, widow, res. 210 Wooster street.
S. McFarland, res. 327 Fourth street.
Ed McGee, clerk, Charles Jones & Son, res. 419 Sixth street.
Mrs. Hanna McGee, widow, res. 212 Church street.
Roy McGee, watchman, C. & M. R. R., res. Newport Pike.
Alice McGill, domestic, 435 Fifth street.
Neil McGinty, res. 306 Putnam street.
Rose M. McGinty, widow, res. 306 Putnam street.
A. C. McGirr, gunsmith, 424 Front street, res. 430 Front street.
Lida McGirr, teacher, Church street school, res. 430 Front street.
Lucy McGirr, teacher, Washington street school, res. 430 Front street.
John McGovern, laborer, res. 210 Montgomery street.
Dudley McHugh, laborer, steam laundry, res. 620 Second street.
Joseph McHugh, teamster, res. 620 Second street.
Marvel McHugh, blacksmith, res. 310 Greene street.
Charles T. McIllyar, clerk, Geo. Blake, res. 403 Fourth street.
Dorcas McIntire, widow, res. 133 Ohio street.
Carrie McIntosh, widow, res. 113 Ohio street.
Mary McIntosh, res. 113 Ohio street.
Katie McKena, domestic, 321 Fifth street.
F. E. McKim, physician and surgeon, 332 Second street, res. same.
B. J. McKinney, res. 500 Fifth street.
Jas. McKinney, laborer, chair factory, res. 502 Seventh street.
Mary McKinney, widow, res. 406 Mulberry street.
Nancy McKinney, tailoress, S. Sulzbacher, res. 522 Third street.
Peter McLaren, Meisenhelder & McLaren, res. 504 Second street.
Wm. McLaren, marble cutter, res. 504 Second street.
Katie McMann, widow, res. 809 Third street.
J. L. McMann, moulder, Nye’s Foundry, res. 608 Third street.
H. B. McMaster, traveling salesman, res. 120 south Fourth street.
Rev. J. W. McMaster, res. 122 south Fourth street.
S. M. McMillen, editor & publisher, Marietta Times, res. 213 Fourth street.
Minnie R. McMillin, res. 416 Sixth street.
Murray McMillin, Supt. Gas Co., 256 Front street, res. 416 Sixth street.
Sanford M. McMillin, Marietta Plumbing Co., res. 416 Sixth street.
Wm. P. McMillin, Marietta Plumbing Co., res. 416 Sixth street.
D. J. McMurray, cabinet maker, 235 Second street, res. 523 Third street.
Jno. McNamara, bridge carpenter, res. 115 south Third street.
Rebecca McNarry, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 Third street.
Chas. E. McParland, clerk, Nye Hardware Co., res. 413 Third street.
Kate McParland, widow, res. 413 3d street.
Mary McParland, tailoress, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 413 3d street.
Rose McParland, tailoress, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 413 3d street.
L. E. McVay, depty clerk of court, res. 328 7th street.
McVay’s dining hall, 117 Front street.
Geo. McVay, prop’r. McVay’s dining hall, res. 117 Front street.
Florence McVay, res. 117 Front street.
Laura McVay, res. 117 Front street.
Maggie McVay, clerk, Hutchinson’s, res. 328 7th street.
Frank Meagle, tinner, H. P. Theis, res. 322 6th street.
Mary Meagle, widow, res. 606 Cutler street.
W. C. Means, carpenter, res. 319 3d street.
Charles Meisenhelder, res. 104 Wooster street.
Edward Meisenhelder, Meisenhelder & McLaren, res. 616 5th street.
Louisa Meisenhelder, Meisenhelder & Smith, res. 182 Front street.
Meisenhelder & McLaren, marble & granite works, 134 Putnam street.
Meisenhelder & Smith, bakery & lunch, 182 Front street.
Carrie Meister, tailoress, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 212 Scammel street.
Fred Meister, tanner, Meister’s tannery, res. Fultonburg.
George Meister, tanner, Meister’s tannery, res. Newport pike.
Gotlieb Meister, tannery, res. Fultonburg.
John Meister, painter, res. 323 s. 7th street.
Katie Meister, milliner, Mrs. C. Greenway, res. Fultonburg.
Laura Meister, clerk, Hutchinson’s, res. Fultonburg.
Louis Meister, tanner, Meister’s tannery, res. Fultonburg.
William Meister, tanner, Meister’s tannery, res. Fultonburg.
Menke, Margaret, widow, res. 322 Sixth street.
William F. Menken, tailor, C. C. Ketter, boards St. Cloud Hotel.
Charles Mellor, clerk, Charles Pape, res. 111 Second street.
George W. Mellor, butcher, res. 209 Montgomery street.
L. Mellor, butcher, res. 728 Front street.
D. H. Merrill, County Auditor, boards 231 Putnam street.
Robert Merritt, contractor, res. 110 Sacra Via.
George Merrow, laborer, res. head of Seventh street.
C. W. Merydith, bridge contractor, res. 629 Front street.
Ida Merydith, res. 325 Ohio street.
John Merydith, laborer, Rice’s refinery, res. Newport Pike.
Mamie Merydith, res. 325 Ohio street.
Rolla Merydith, bridge contractor, res. 325 Ohio street.
A. B. Metcalf, cigar maker, C. Hutchins, res. 202 Fourth street.
P. H. Metcalf, cigar maker, C. Hutchins, res. Williamstown.
George F. Metzler, professor of mathematics, Marietta College, res. 510 Fifth street.
Ed Meuser, tanner, res. 617 Fourth street.
Louis Meuser, tanner, res. 619 Fourth street.
Meuser’s Tannery, 122 Second street.
Wm. Meuser, tanner, res. 617 Fourth street.
Elizabeth Michael, res. 605 7th street.
John Miles, res. 428 3d street.
Anna C. Millbaugh, waitress, Pillsbury’s Hotel, res. same.
Lizzie Millbaugh, res. 231 Ohio street.
Mrs. A. Miller, widow, res. 220 Seventh street.
Miss A. Miller, domestic, 203 Montgomery street.
Clara Miller, domestic, 508 Fourth street.
Clara A. Miller, widow, res. 6th street.
Ella Miller, domestic, 218 3rd street.
Fred Miller, laborer, chair factory, res. 409 Montgomery st.
H. W. Miller, laborer, chair factory, res. 710 6th street.
Henry J. Miller, paper hanger, res. 529 6th street.
John Miller, res. 227 6th street.
Mrs. John Miller, widow, res. 307 Montgomery street.
Julia Miller, res. 308 5th street.
Kate Miller, res. 227 6th street.
Lottie Miller, res. 227 6th street.
Louise Miller, res. 227 6th street.
Louise Miller, domestic, 508 4th street.
Lyda Miller, res. 432 3rd street.
Samuel Miller, brickmaker, res. 709 Washington street.
Tillie Miller, domestic, res. 308 4th street.
Wm. Miller, shoemaker, Bickert Bros., res. Harmar.
Wm. Miller, teamster, chair factory, res 210 Church street.
Wm. Miller, porter, Globe Hotel, res. 213 Ohio street.
Wm. Miller, moulder, Nye’s foundry, res. 626 5th street.
Edith Mills, res. 430 4th street.
Mrs. D. W. Mills, widow, res. 413 Putnam street.
John Mills, President Marietta Chair Co., res. 413 Putnam st.
J. L. Mills, res. 430 4th street.
Jos. Mills, carpenter, res. 513 6th street.
Wm. W. Mills, President First National Bank, res. 413 Putnam street.
Smith Minor, laborer, chair factory, res. 623 5th street.
Jessie Minor, (colored,) domestic, 325 Ohio street.
Kittie Minor, res. 623 5th street.
Sadie Minor, res. 623 5th street.
H. L. Minshall, photographic printer, Craig’s Studio, res. 511 5th street.
F. W. Minshall, oil operator, res. 511 5th street.
B. V. A. Miraben, res. 628 3d street.
Lee Miraben, chariot driver, res. 601 Washington street.
Mary Montrose, widow, res. 602 Hart street.
Flora Moore, domestic, 216 5th street.
Louis R. Moore, painter, res. 228 south 5th street.
Wm. Moore, bricklayer, res. 311 Scammel street.
Jennie Morgan, domestic, 524 2nd street.
John F. Morgan, conductor, C. & M. R. R., res. 427 5th street.
Mary Morgan, domestic, 107 south 3rd street.
Mrs. M. Morgan, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 3rd street.
Peter Morgan, laborer, chair factory, res. Fultonburg.
R. Morgraidge, laborer, 115 Monroe street.
Wm. Morgraidge, laborer, 115 Monroe street.
F. Morgenstern, barber, 121 Greene street, res. 113 south 3rd street.
Jacob Morgenstern, barber, 129 Ohio street, res. 334 6th street.
Adam Morgenstern, brickmaker, res. 808 3rd street.
Ed Morgenstern, tailor, J. W. Van Metre, res. 334 6th street.
Valentine Morgenstern, shoemaker, res. 119 Newport Pike.
Susan Morris, widow, res. 626 7th street.
E. B. Morrison, physician, Willis & Morrison, res. 229 3rd street.
N. J. Morrison, Prof. Greek, Marietta College, res. 306 4th street.
Sarah D. Morrison, res. 306 4th street.
Annie Morse, res. 615 Front st.
Delph Morse, architect, res. 818 3rd street.
Dudley W. Morse, traveling salesman, res. 437 2nd street.
F. W. Morse, news depot, 189 Front street, res. 130 2nd street.
Henry Morse, laborer, res. 224 7th street.
Mrs. S. Morse, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 3rd street.
W. P. Morse, carpenter, Smith & Foreman, res. 826 3rd street.
Wm. S. Morse, salesman, Singer Mfg Co., res. 312 6th street.
L. Morton, res. 322 5th street.
Dan Moser, res. 609 Washington street.
Peter Moser, laborer, chair factory, res. 526 5th street.
Mattie Moss, res. 409 Hart street.
Rena Mowery, domestic, 521 4th street.
Jacob Mueller, J. Mueller & Son, res. Cornerville, Ohio.
J. Mueller & Son, pubs., Marietta Zeitung, 115 Front street.
Louis Mueller, J. Mueller & Son, res. 115 Front street.
Parley Mugrage, Brown & Mugrage, res. 104 2d street.
Dennis Mulhane, book-keeper, res. 502 Charles street.
J. D. Mulhane, physician & surgeon, res. 502 Charles street.
Thos. Mulhane, res. 502 Charles street.
G. W. Mulks, clerk, auditor T. & O. C. E. R. R., res. 611 Wooster street.
Tim Mullin, oil operator, res. 511 Washington street.
Alice Murray, res. 801 Wayne street.
Susan Murray, widow, res. 801 Wayne street.
Vesta Myers, domestic, Curtis’ Hill.

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