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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - N

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

John Nachtigal, res. 208 Scammel street.
John Nachtigal, jr., night operator, Telephone Exchange, 208 Scammel street.
National House, T. K. Wells, prop., 100 2d street.
Mrs. Mary Neader, widow, 107 4th street.
Harmon Neece, salesman, res. 616 4th street.
Mrs. Mary Neubeck, widow, res. 731 Greene street.
Harmon Newberger, laborer, 721 6th street.
Mrs. M. Newberger, widow, 424 2d street.
Chas. H. Newton, cashier Dime Saving Society, res. 518 3d street.
Mrs. E. Newton, widow, res. 232 5th street.
M. J. Newton, Supt. Pipe Line, res. 148 4th street.
Stephen Newton, real estate & insurance agt., 137 Front street, res. 516 4th street.
Wm. Newton, medical student, res. 518 3d street.
Katie Nightengale, domestic, 334 Front street.
Louis Nachtigal, baker, res. 809 3d street.
Chas. Nixon, grocery clerk Kennedy’s, 528 4th street, res. 231 6th street.
Craven Nixon, oil operator, res. 533 5th street.
E. W. Nixon, widow, res. 150 Front street.
Mrs. Jas. Nixon, res. 231 6th street.
Josephine Nixon, res. 533 5th street.
L. E. Nixon, millinery, 153 Front street, res. same.
M. F. Noll, Sup’t Ice Plant & Ohio River Ferry, res. 114 4th street.
Lizzie Norman, seamstress, S. Sulzbachers, res. 117 4th street.
Lyde Norman, seamstress, S. Salzbacher’s, res. 117 4th street.
Benj. Nott, prop’r. Nott House, 305 Ohio street.
Nott House, 305 Ohio street.
Horace Nott, laborer, chair factory, 720 2d street.
P. J. Nott, saw mill operator, res. 707 Front street.
Thos. Nott, brakemen, C. & M. R. R., res. 107 Sacra Via street.
Wm. Nott, teamster, res. 720 2nd street.
Jos. Nugent, res. 521 5th street.
A. T. Nye, Proprietor Nye’s Foundry, 104 Muskingum st., res. 229 4th street.
A. T. Nye & Son, Foundrymen, works and office, 104 Muskingum street.
B. F. Nye, oil operator, res. 107 Washington street.
D. S. Nye, attorney at law, res. 425 6th street.
Ellen L. Nye, res. 229 4th street.
Rebekah D. Nye, res. 309 4th street.
Mary O. Nye, res. 219 Putnam street.
Virginia L. Nye, res. 425 6th street.
Katherine P. Nye, res. 309 4th street.
James W. Nye, Manager Nye Hardware Co., res. 309 4th street.
Nye Hardware Co., 108, 110 and 112 Front street.
G. S. Nye, res. 425 6th street.
G. L. Nye, salesman, A. T. Nye & Son, 104 Muskingum street, res. 220 Putnam street.
F. G. Nye, agent B. & O. S. W. R. R., res. 215 4th street.
R. L. Nye, attorney at law, 208 Putnam street, res. 429 4th street.
Nye & Follett, attorneys at law, rooms 1 and 3, 208 Putnam street.
Mary Nye, domestic, 526 3rd st.

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