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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - W

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

August Wagner, pattern maker, Nye’s Foundry, res. Warren st.
Karl Wagner, moulder, Nye’s Foundry, res. 507 Charles st.
Mrs. C. C. Wagner, widow, res. 612 Washington street.
Charles Wagner, laborer, chair factory, res. 633 6th street.
Christ Wagner, moulder, Nye’s Foundry, res. 613 Washington street.
Clara Wagner, seamstress, C. C. Ketter, res. 633 6th street.
Edward Wagner, laborer, chair factory, res. 633 6th street.
Edward Wagner, laborer, 109-1/2 Greene street.
Hattie Wagner, res. 206 Scammel street.
Helena Wagner, widow, res. 109-1/2 Greene street.
H. H. Wagner, drug clerk, corner drug store, res. 206 Scammel street.
Mrs. Jacob Wagner, widow, res. 728 4th street.
John Wagner, boot and shoe merchant, 194 Front street, res. 322 3d street.
John Wagner, blacksmith, res. 614 3d street.
Julia Wagner, domestic, res. 508 2d street.
Maggie Wagner, domestic, 311 3d street.
Mrs. M. Wagner, widow, res. 633 6th street.
Theobald Wagner, boots and shoes, 194 Front street, res. 206 Scammel street.
Alex Walker, tailor, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 213 Ohio st.
Joseph Waller, engineer, United Pipe Line, res. 609 Wooster st.
Gertrude Walters, Marietta Book Bindery, res. Harmar.
Z. D. Walters, homeopathic physician, res. 314 2d street.
John Ward, laborer, res. Fultonburg.
J. P. Ward, real estate and loans, 208 Putnam street, res. 318 6th street.
Mahala Ward, widow, res. 607 Charles street.
Willia Ward, copyist, county recorder’s office, res. 231 Putnam street.
A. J. Warner, coal & iron operator, res. 514 Butler street.
Enid Warner, res. 514 Butler street.
Flora Warner, res. 514 Butler street.
Harriet W. Waters, res. 502 4th street.
Harry Waters, res. 334 Front street.
I. R. Waters, res. 502 4th street.
R. A. Waters, laborer, res. 212 south 5th street.
Mrs. A. B. Waters, widow, res. 334 Front street.
W. B. Waters, law student, res. 334 Front street.
L. E. Warren, physician & surgeon, res. 320 Greene street.
Wm. Warren, res. 616 2nd street.
David Watson, steamboat mate, res. Post street.
J. M. Watson, Deputy Sheriff, res. 324 3rd street.
Frank Watts, laborer, chair factory, res. 219 Ohio street.
Sarah Watts, domestic, 301 Greene street.
Way & Okey, att’y, at law, 234 Putnam street.
W. G. Way, att’y, at law, Way & Okey, res. 220 3rd street.
Adam Weber, plasterer, res. 513 Washington street.
Adam Weber, Jr., plasterer, res. 513 Washington street.
Adam Weber, baker, Meisenhelder & Smith, res. 106 3rd street.
August Weber, groceries, 301 Scammel st., res. 418 3rd street.
August Weber, plasterer, res. 513 Washington street.
Chas. L. Weber, clerk, Federal Valley coal office, res. 406 2d st.
Charles Weber, painter, res. 435 3rd street.
Charles Weber, bartender, res. 406 Montgomery street.
Christ. Weber, laborer, chair factory, res. Montgomery street.
Ella Weber, seamstress, res. 522 4th street.
Frank Weber, meat market, pork packer &c., 122 Front street, res. 120 Front street.
Fred Weber, laborer, chair factory, res. 408 6th street.
Jacob Weber, butcher, res. 231 2d street.
Jacob Weber, laborer, res. 406 Montgomery street.
Jaceb [sic] Weber, jr., tailor, C. C. Ketter’s residence 406 Montgomery street.
John Weber, laborer, res. 727 8th street.
Lizzie Weber, domestic, 213 4th street.
Louis Weber, res. 406 2d street.
Mrs. Louise Weber, widow, res. 522 4th street.
Wm. Weber, laborer, spoke & rim works, res. 622 6th street.
Maggie Webster, book-keeper, Singer M’f’g Co., res. 411 3rd street.
Cornelia Wehrs, res. 412 2d street.
Geo. H. Wehrs, clerk, J. F. Wehrs & Son, res. 412 2d street.
J. F. Wehrs & Son, staple & fancy groceries, 288 Front street.
J. F. Wehrs, J. F. Wehrs & Son, grocerymen, res. 412 2d street.
John Wehrs, laborer, chair factory, res. 718 2d street.
Augusta Weldman, res. 324 6th street.
Katie Weidner, tailoress, S. Sulzbacher, res. 424 3d street.
Louis Weidner, tailor, S. Sulzbacher, res. 424 3d street.
Stephen Weidner, blacksmith, res. 424 3d street.
Willis Weinstock, laborer, Rice refinery, res. Fultonburg.
Tillie Weinstock, domestic, 408 4th street.
Charles Weis, Chas. Weis & Son grocers, res. 323 3d street.
Chas. Weis & Son, groceries & provisions, 292 Front.
Mrs. Daniel Weis, widow, res. 415 2d street.
Edward E. Weis, commercial traveler, res. 111 Wooster st.
Henry L. Weis, pharmacist, W. H. Styer, res. corner 3rd & Scammel street.
Henry J. Weis, Charles Weis & Son, groceries, res. 323 3rd st.
Linnie Weis, clerk, Butler & Van Dervoort, res. 415 2nd st.
John Weiser, saloonist, res. 501 Warren street.
John Weiser, Jr., laborer, res. 501 Warren street.
Henry Wellbrook, laborer, chair factory, res. 517 6th street.
George Wellbrook, groceries, 603 Putnam st., res. 300 6th street.
C. H. Wells, teamster, American Express Co., 149 Front st.
C. K. Wells, Supt. Public schools, res. 408 4th street.
Chas. T. Wells, clerk, National House, res. 100 2nd street.
Rev. George Wells, res. 626 4th st.
Mrs. Harriet Wells, widow, res. 625 6th street.
L. W. Wells, lumber merchant, res. 405 Hart street.
M. P. Wells, Bosworth, Wells & Co., res. 313 2nd street.
T. K. Wells, Prop, National House, res. 100 s 2nd street.
Adda Wendelken, res. 314 Washington street.
Albert Wendelken, laborer, chair factory, res. 613 6th st.
A. L. Wendelken, clerk, S. R. Van Metre & Co., res. 108 Wooster street.
Anna Wendelken, tailoress, A. S. Sayre, res. 141 Front street.
Clarence Wendelken, laborer, chair factory, res. 613 6th st.
Edward Wendelken, laborer, spoke and rim works, res. 625 Front street.
Ella Wendelken, res. 108 Wooster street.
Emma Wendelken, res. 250 Front street.
Geo. Wendelken, painter, res. 417 3d street.
Gerd Wendelken, res. 721 4th st.
Henry Wendelken, carpenter, res. 613 6th street.
Henry Wendelken, groceryman, 250 Front street.
John Wendelken, laborer, chair factory, res. 714 6th street.
J. M. Wendelken, M. Wendelken & Co., res. Portsmouth, O.
Lena Wendelken, tobacco stripper, Chas. Hutchins, res. 625 Front street.
Louis C. Wendelken, moulder, Nye’s Foundry, res. 510 Wooster street.
M. Wendelken & Co., wholesale grocers, 119 Putnam street.
Martin Wendelken, Sr., M. Wendelken & Co., 119 Putnam st., res. 314 Washington street.
Martin Wendelken, Jr., salesman, M. Wendelken & Co., res. 331 2nd street.
M. K. Wendelken, salesman, S. R. Van Metre & Co., res. 108 Wooster street.
John Wenzel, Winsor & Wenzel, 201-203 Greene street, res. 106 2d street.
Louis Wenzel, clerk, Winsor & [Wen]zel, res. 217 Ohio street.
Thresa Weppler, domestic, 402 2d street.
Harry F. West, res. cor Cutler and 6th street.
John N. West, laborer, Cisler’s brick yard, res. 230 7th street.
Stephen West, laborer, Cisler’s brick yard, res. 232 7th.
Western Union Telegraph office, 118 Front street.
W. T. Westgate, groceries, paint, &c., 131 Greene street, res. 112 s 4th street.
Mrs. E. A. Weston, widow, res. 301 Greene street.
August Weyrich, laborer, chair factory, res. 625 5th street.
Charles Weyrich, laborer, chair factory, res. 610 6th street.
Jacob Weyrich, laborer, chair factory, res. 622 5th street.
Louis Weyrich, groceries, 609 6th street, res. 611 6th street.
Louis Weyrich, jr., barber, 156 Front street, res. same.
Louis Weyrich, res. 620 5th st.
Theobald Weyrich, laborer, res. 620 5th street.
Anna Wheatley, stenographer, T. & O. C. E. R. R., res. 116 4th street.
Geo. Wheatley, commission merchant, res. 114 4th street.
Isaac Wheatly, laborer, res. 607 Wayne street.
J. W. Whiffing, barber, shop 180 Front street, res. 808 2d street.
Hannah Whetstone, domestic, 505 5th street.
Geo. Wieser, Wieser & Reynolds, furniture, 290 Front st., res. 2d street.
White House Saloon, Peter Grub, prop’r, 111 Greene street.
Mary E. Whitney, domestic, 405 2d street.
Anna Whittlesey, res. 312 2d st.
Harriet Whittlesey, res. 312 2d street.
Mrs. J. H. Whittlesey, widow, res. 312 2d street.
Katie Weidman, domestic, 503 Front street.
Henry Weigers, brick mason, res. 623 2d street.
Lottie Weed, tailoress, A. S. Sayre, res. 727 3d street.
Cliff Wildermuth, laborer chair factory, res. 631 7th street.
John Wildermuth, shoemaker, C. Haag, res. 711 Warren street.
R. M. Wiley, coat maker, S. Sulzbacher, 312 Washington street.
Maude L. Wilhelm, res. 516 3d st.
Myrtie G. Wilhelm, res. 516 3d st.
S. C. Wilhelm, hatter, gents furnishing goods, &c., 222 Front street, res. 516 3d street.
John Wilking, messenger Western Union telegraph, res. 604 Cutler street.
John Wilking, section boss, B. & O. S. W. R. R., 604 Cutler street.
Kate Wilking, widow, res. 510 Hart street.
A. C. Williams, res. 115 Ohio st.
Lee Williams, teamster, Strauss Elston 7 Co., res. 802 Front st.
Harman Willis, groceries, 424 2d st., res. Harmar.
Willis & Morrison, physicians & surgeons, 116 Putnam street.
O. M. Willis, Willis & Morrison, res. 322 4th street.
Walker Willison, laborer, Cisler’s brick yard, res. 506 7th st.
E. R. Wilson, carpenter, res. 314 Greene street.
James B. Wilson, res. 711 3rd st.
Jesse Wilson, teamster, res. Newport Pike.
Joseph Wilson, laborer, chair factory, res. 802 2nd street.
Martin Wilson, laborer, chair factory, res. 711 3rd street.
Ollie Wilson, res. 711 Third.
Phoeba A. Wilson, domestic, 912 2nd street.
Mrs. S. E. F. Wilson, seamstress, res. 211 Scammel street.
W. W. Wilson, res. 211 Scammel street.
Alla Winsor, Winsor & Wenzel, & wharf boat, res. 107 s 3rd st.
Augustus Winsor, groceries, 125 Greene st., res. 118 4th street.
Winsor & Wenzel, groceries & meat market, 201-203 Greene street.
Lydia Wise, domestic, 524 2nd street.
Sarah Wisehart, domestic, 113 4th street.
C. A. Withrow, domestic, 401 4th street.
Susie Withrow, domestic, 126 s 2nd street.
Wm. Withum, saloon & pool room, 244 Front st., res. same.
Fred A. Wittlig, watchmaker, J. Wittlig, res. 404 4th street.
Freda Wittlig, res. 404 4th st.
Henry F. Wittlig, apprentice, J. Wittlig, res. 404 4th street.
Jacob Wittlig, Jeweler, 206 Front st., res. 404 4th street.
Mary Wittlig, res. 404 4th st.
Carrie Woden, domestic, 221 4th street.
Mrs. E. L. Wolff, widow, res. 145 Front street.
Wm. H. Wolfram, prop. Oriential saloon, 176 Front street.
Henry Wolters, laborer, res. 220 5th street.
Jacob Wommer, shoemaker, P. C. Fischer, res. 608 2d street.
B. F. Wood, prop. Unique Saloon, res. 103-1/2 Greene street.
Mrs. C. J. Wood, widow, res. 912 2d street.
Charles Wood, porter, Stanley & Grass, res. 166 Front street.
Charles Wood, laborer, res. 514 4th street.
D. H. Wood, machinist, res. 223 7th street.
W. W. Wood, saloonist, res. 133 Greene street.
G. M. Woodbridge, res. 224 3d street.
M. P. Woodbridge, res. 224 3d street.
M. M. Woodbridge, res. 332 Front street.
Geo. Wooden, (colored,) laborer, res. 113-1/2 Ohio street.
Mrs. L. N. Woodruff, res. 412 4th street.
Mrs. L. W. Woodruff, widow, res. 2272 4th street.
H. P. Woodworth, lumber dealer, res. 225 3d street.
Linnie Wooster, clerk, res. Harmar.
R. C. Work, clerk, S. Sulzbacher, 188 Front street.
Amos Wright, teamster, res. 114 Wooster street.
Freeman Wright, teamster, res. 817 3d street.
John Wright, teamster, res. 709 Front street.
G. W. Wylie, meat market, 106 Putnam street, res. 408 4th st.
Robert Wylie, tailor, S. Sulzbacher, res. 312 Washington street.

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