Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - Z

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Charles Zimmer, insurance ag’t, res. 325 3d street.
Flora Zimmer, teacher, res. 325 3d street.
John Zimmer, carpenter, res. 816 2d street.
Lavina Zimmer, music teacher, res. 325 3d street.
Lizzie Zimmer, dressmaker, res. 525 3d street.
Jacob Zimmer, laborer, res. 624 5th street.
Adam Zoller, brick mason, res. 205 Montgomery street.
Zoller Bros., grocers, 233 Greene street.
Deck Zoller, drayman, res. 333 Ohio street.
John Zoller, laborer, res. 224 s 5th street.
Jos. D. Zoller, grocer, 128 Greene street, res. same.
Phillip Zoller, grocer, res. 333 Ohio street.
Simeon Zoller, brick maker, res. 205 Montgomery street.
Zeitung, German weekly, J. Mueller & son, prop’rs, 115 Front street.

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