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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - F

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Charles Faires, clerk, George Blake, res. 114 Second street.
Hattie Faires, clerk, Hutchison’s, res. 114 Second street.
Mrs. M. L. Faires, widow, res. 114 Second street.
John Farley, cooper, res. Newport Pike.
Daniel Farrell, sexton Mound and Oak Grove Cemeteries, res. 507 Eighth street.
Mack Farris, stone cutter, 111 Fourth street.
John Farver, laborer, res. 132 Seventh street.
The Federal Valley Coal Co., R. E. Phillips, mgr, 140 Putnam street.
C. G. Fell, res. 523 Second street.
Joseph F. Fenn, foreman Nye’s Foundry, res. 726 Fourth street.
Wm. Ferguson (colored), blacksmith, res. Second street.
Mrs. Francis Fields, widow, res. 417 Second street.
Anna Fike, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 Third street.
Adda Finch, res. 230 Fifth street.
Charles Finch, telegraph operator, T. &. O. C. E. R. R., res. 225 Third street.
Flora Finch, widow, res. 230 Fifth street.
James H. Finch, driver U.S. Express Co., res. 230 Fifth street.
Sallie Finch, res. 230 Fifth street.
Ed Fischer, painter, res. Fultonburg.
Herman Fischer, clerk, E. G. Brigham, res. Fultonburg.
Nellie A. Fischer, res. 317 Second street.
Philip C. Fischer boots and shoes, 246 Front street, res. 317 Second street.
Wm. Fischer, shoemaker, Fultonburg.
George Fladung, clerk, Nye Hardware Co., res. 415 Sixth street.
Charles L. Flanders, ticket agt, Z. & O. R. R., res. Harmar.
Julia C. Flanders, res. 412 Second street.
Alla Fleming, asst. pharmacist, W. H. Styer, res. 422 Second street.
David H. Fleming, clerk, Nye hardware Co., res. 422 Second street.
James Fletcher (colored), laborer, chair factory, res. 636 Fourth street.
John Fogus, laborer, chair factory, res. 727 Fourth street.
G. Ellis Folger, res. 628 Third street.
T. F. Folger, laborer, spoke and rim works, res. 628 Third street.
A. D. Follett, attorney at law, Nye & Follett, res. 224 Putnam street.
M. D. Follett, attorney at law, 103-1/2 Putnam street, res. 326 Front street.
Rachel Forber, widow, res. 733 Greene street.
James Foreman, Smith & Foreman, res. 104 Fourth street.
Frank Foster, plasterer, res. 216 south Fifth street.
Silas Foster, foreman, Rice’s refinery, res. 313 Ohio street.
Louis Fouraker, cooper, res. 117 south Fifth street.
Mrs. Owen Franks, widow, res. 524 Second street.
Albert Friedel, baker, res. 712 Second street.
Kate Friedel, widow, res. 712 Second street.
Maggie Friedle, domestic, 437 Second street.
Casper Fritz, laborer, res. 416 Third street.
Joseph F. Fritz, barber, J. W. Whiffing, res. 726 Second street.
Carrie Fritzie, domestic, 520 Second street.
H. C. Frye, res. 324 Fourth street.
John Fulkerson, proprietor Park Saloon, 249 Front street, res. 208 Meigs street.
Ida W. Fuller, widow, res. 109-1/2 Greene street.
O. J. Fuller, Fuller & Son, res. 327 Greene street.
Fuller & Son, undertakers, 115 Greene street.

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