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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - G

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Christ. Gaddle, laborer, chair factory, res. 619 Seventh street.
Geo. Gaddle, butcher, res. 728 Sixth street.
Louise Gaddle, widow, res. Fultonburg.
Henry Gafken, laborer, chair factory, res. 613 Washington street.
J. F. Gaitree, book-keeper, res. 524 Third street.
Louie F. Gaitree, clerk, W. H. Buell, res. 524 Third street.
Mary T. Gaitree, teacher, Greene street school, res. 524 Third street.
F. F. Gaitree, clerk, S. R. Van Metre & Co., res. 525 Third street.
Wm. B. Gaitree, pharmacist, Putnam street Drug Store, res. 524 Third street.
Mack Gamble, capt. Steamer Courier, res. 216 Greene street.
Geo. Gance, brakeman, T. & O. C. E. R. R., res. 713 Greene street.
C. E. Gard, civil engineer, res. 301 Washington street.
O. L. Gard, ticket agent, T. & O. C. E. R. R., res. 519 Front street.
Wm. Garley, res. 515 Fifth street.
Alice Garry, assistant book-keeper, chair Co., res. 509 Butler street.
Anthony Garry, teamster, chair factory, res. 509 Butler street.
Ella Garry, res. 509 Butler street.
Jno. Garry, Secretary, chair Co., res. 509 Butler street.
Will Garry, carver, chair factory, res. 509 Butler street.
S. E. Garrison, groceries, 510 Charles street, res. 508 Charles street.
Marietta Gas Works, M. McMillin, lessee, 414 Greene street.
Katie Gass, domestic, 334 Second street.
Beman Gates, Vice President First National Bank, res. Beverly farm.
E. D. Gates, Gates & Payne, res. 305 Fourth street.
Gates & Payne, dry goods, groceries, grass and garden seeds, 111 Front street.
Mary Gates, widow, res. 311 Third street.
R. M. Gates, conductor, Z. & O. R. R., res. 326 Fourth street.
Wm. Gates, teamster, res. 517 Fourth street.
Rev. G. R. Gear, pastor, Baptist church, res. 401 Fourth street.
Jacob Gearhart, sawyer, chair factory, res. 617 Seventh street.
Benj. Gearn, laborer, Nye’s foundry, res. 105 Washington street.
Lizzie Gedle, domestic, 315 Third street.
Charles Gephart, shoemaker, J. Gephart, res. 615 Fourth street.
Flora Gephart, tailoress, C. C. Ketter, res. 615 Fourth street.
Fred Gephart, transfer driver, res. 728 Fifth street.
Geo. Gephart, street commissioner, res. 717 Sixth street.
Jacob Gephart, boots and shoes, 264 Front street, res. 615 Fourth street.
Mary Gephart, widow, res. 715 Sixth street.
Amelia Gerber, domestic, 181 Front street.
Daniel Gerhart, teamster Union Brewery, res. 728 Second street.
Daniel Gerhart, shoemaker, Jno. Wagner’s, res. 107 Wooster street.
D. C. Gerhart, combination store, 107 Front street, res. 111 2d street.
Ed Gerhart, res. 107 Wooster street.
Gerke Brewing Co., Philip Bachmann, agt, 111 Third street.
Blanch Gerken, res. 612 Cutler street.
David R. Gerken, clerk, Marietta Register, res. 612 Cutler street.
Jesse Gerken, cabinet maker, chair factory, res. 612 Cutler street.
Martha Gerken, res. 612 Cutler street.
Nora Gerken, res. 612 Cutler street.
Wm. Gerken, laborer, chair factory, res. 612 Cutler street.
Lizzie Gerken, widow, Post street.
Jno. V. Gerst, clerk, Butler & Van Dervoort’s, res. 524 Fifth street.
Florence Gettle, teacher, res. 206 south Fifth street.
Michael Gettle, res. 206 south Fifth street.
Albert Geyer, laborer, chair factory, res. 505 Third street.
Rufus E. Geyer, clerk, S. C. Wilhelm, res. 505 Third street.
Wm. Geyer, carpenter, res. 505 Third street.
Wm. E. Geyer, carpenter, res. 505 Third street.
Thomas Gheen, laborer, res. 702 Charles street.
Jacob Gilcher, laborer, Robertson’s foundry, res. 731 Fifth street.
Lucy Gilcher, domestic, 514 Fourth street.
Jno. Gilchrist, plasterer, res. 601 Hart street.
Daniel Giles, barber, Davis & Giles, res. 212 Church street.
Elizabeth Gill, widow, res. 309 Church street.
Jane Gilmore, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 Third street.
Laura Gilpin, seamstress, C. C. Ketter, res. Harmar.
Anna Glenan, domestic, 312 Front street.
T. S. Glidden, printer, Register office, res. Harmar.
C. E. Glines, mgr Marietta Book Store, res. 124 south Fourth street.
Harry Glines, clerk, Stanley & Grass, res. 124 south Fourth street.
J. L. Glines, res. Fourth street.
Kittie Glines, res. 124 south Fourth street.
Wm. Gluff, laborer, res. 729 Seventh street.
F. A. Goebel, book-keeper, L. Goebel, res. Cedar Hill.
H. T. Goebel, traveling salesman, res. Cedar Hill.
Jos. S. Goebel, cashier, First National Bank, res. Cedar Hill.
Tillie Goebel, res. Cedar Hill.
Ellen Goerley, domestic, 231 Second street.
Jacob Goettel, stone cutter, res. 519 Third street.
Mrs. M. Goettle, widow, res. 508 Hart street.
Alice Goldsmith, res. 127 south Fifth street.
Amelia Goldsmith, res. 129 south Fifth street.
James Goldsmith, printer, Register office, res. 614 Fifth street.
Jack Goldsmith, drayman, res. 127 south Fifth street.
Leander Goldsmith, laborer, chair factory, res. 630 Fifth street.
Wm. Goldsmith, printer, Register office, res. 127 south Fifth street.
Thos. Goodman, res. 508 Charles street.
Jno. Goodwin, teamster, res. 510Charles street.
Jno. Gorman, peddler, res. 211 Charles street.
Anna M. Gorrell, res. 524 Fourth street.
Harry Gorrell, res. 412 Washington street.
Johnson Gorrell, res. 524 Fourth street.
Susan Goudy (colored), widow, res. 620 Fourth street.
W. S. Gracey, Bosworth, Wells & Co., rooms 161 Front street.
Geo. R. Grafton, general traveling salesman, Marietta Chair Co., res. 334 Second street.
Jos. H. Grafton, general superintendent, Marietta Chair Co., res. 408 Fourth street.
Chas. Grass, Stanley & Grass, res. 514 Fourth street.
Chas. E. Grass, barkeeper, Park Saloon, res. Harmar.
Mary Grass, res. 604Washington street.
Wm. Grass, stove mounter.
Wm. Grass, laborer, hub factory.
Jas. F. Gray, moulder, Nye’s foundry, res. 105 Wooster street.
Jno. Gray, moulder, Robertson’s foundry, res. 414 Front street.
Daniel Greene, book-keeper, Phoenix Mill Co., res. 431 Fourth street.
Sarah M. Greene, teacher, Washington street school, res. 514 Fifth street.
Mrs. S. W. Greene, widow, res. 514 Fifth street.
W. L. Greenhill, refiner, Argand Refining Co., res. 331 Greene street.
Mrs. C. Greenway, millinery, 276 Front street, res. 731 Greene street.
J. K. Gregory, engineer, C. & M. R. R., res. 126 south Second Street.
Chas. Griffin, laborer, res. 306 Greene street.
Geo. Griffin, transfer driver, O. R. R. R., res. 306 Greene street.
W. R. Grimes, James & Grimes, res. 316 Second street.
Anna Grok, domestic, 309 Fourth street.
Mrs. E. Gross, proprietor, St. Cloud Hotel, 190-192 Front street.
Charles H. Groves, salesman, Phoenix Mill Co., res. 121 Fourth street.
Henry Groves, miller, Phoenix Mill Co., res. 121 Fourth street.
Peter Grub, proprietor, White House Saloon, res. 125 Greene street.
Grub & Reidenbach, bottlers of mineral water, 109 Greene street.
Jacob Guckert, laborer, res. 223 Seventh street.
B. E. Guyton, attorney at law, office 208 Putnam street, res. Newport Pike.
Joshua Guyton, engineer, chair factory, res. Neport Pike.
Guyton & Swift (B. E. Guyton & F. T. Swift), Real Estate and Loan Agency, Real Estate bought and sold; Loans negotiated at the lowest rates, 208 Putnam street.

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