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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - L

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Jno. La Fevre, transfer driver, res. Muskingum street.
James Laing, oil operator, res. 402 Second street.
R. Lanam, teamster, res. 704 Charles street.
Frank Lancaster, carpenter, res. 104 Washington street.
Frank Lancaster, carpenter, res. 726 Front street.
Luella Lancaster, clerk, G. L. Spence, res. 732 Second street.
M. Lancaster, laborer, res. 732 Second street.
Walter Lancaster, cook, steamer Van Metre, res. 104 Montgomery street.
William A. Lancaster, teamster, res. 732 Second street.
Jacob Lander, res. 208 Sacra Via street.
Adam Landsittel, laborer, chair factory, res. 528 Sixth street.
Ed. Landsittel, baker, Meisenhelder & Smith, res. Lowell, Ohio.
Louis Landsittel, laborer, chair factory, res. 425 Third street.
Henry Landsittel, laborer, chair factory, res. 528 Sixth street.
Samuel Landsittel, res. 435 Third street.
James Lane, Grocer, Newport Pike, res. same.
Martha Lane, widow, res. 228 south Fifth street.
Adam Lang, laborer, res. 808 Fourth street.
Adam Lang, Jr., laborer, chair factory, res. 808 Fourth street.
Henry Lang, laborer, chair factory, res. 808 Fourth street.
Theobald Lang, laborer, res. 616 Sixth street.
William F. Langhorst, butcher, Frank Weber, res. 728 Sixth street.
Charles Langley, clerk, Chas. Pape, res. 129 south Second street.
Frank Langley, laborer, res. 129 south Second street.
Harriet Langley, widow, res. 129 s 2d street.
J. M. Lapham, foreman, 107 Sacra Via, res. 210 Sacra Via.
Z. Lapham, foreman, chair factory, res. 612 5th street.
Frank Lasure, transfer driver, res. 111 Fourth street.
Mary Lasure, widow, res. 111 4th street.
Phillip Lattaner, res. 634 6thstreet.
Adam Lattaner, laborer, res. 719 6th street.
Peter Lattaner, laborer, chair factory, res. 719 6th street.
Lizzie Laub, tailoress, J. W. Van Metre, res. 117 s 3d street.
Maggie Laub, widow, res. 117 s 3d street.
Henry Lauer, laborer, chair factory, res. 218 7th street.
Jacob Lauer, blacksmith, res. 105 4th street.
Jacob Lauer, laborer, B. &. O. S. W. Railroad, res. 130 7th street.
Katie Lauer, cashier, Pillsbury’s Hotel, res. same.
Mary Lauer, domestic, 126 Putnam street.
Phoebe Lauer, domestic, 410 Front street.
Mary Laughlin, domestic, 220 Putnam street.
Bert Laurie, porter, Leader office, res. Harmar.
Mary Laurie, clerk, O. S. Lyne, res. Harmar.
John Lawrence, clerk, H. P. Theis, res. 214 Scammel street.
J. L. Lawrence, dealer in rags & iron, res. 606 Warren street.
Leader Publishing Co., pubs. & props., Marietta Leader, T. F. Davis, prest.
Marietta Leader (semi-weekly), Leader Pub. Co., props. George M. Cooke, editor, 208 Front street.
Jessie Lee (colored), domestic, 305 Fourth street.
Lillie Lee (colored), domestic, 308 Third street.
J. M. Leedy, lumber-dealer, res. 218 Third street.
William H. Leeper, Probate Judge, res. 330 Second street.
Mrs. J. H. Lehnhard, china and queensware, 119 Front street, res. same.
John Lehnhard, res. 621 Fifth street.
Louis Lehnhard, carpenter, res. 430 Fifth street.
F. Leichtamer, conductor, C. & M. R. R., res. 307 Fourth street.
Emma Lenz, seamstress, C. C. Ketter, res. 723 Third street.
Fred Lenz, laborer, res. 723 Third street.
John Lenz, shoemaker, P. C. Fischer, res. 723 Third street.
Rosa Lenz, seamstress, C. C. Ketter, res. 723 Third street.
Henry Leonard, teamster, res. 210 Washington street.
Joseph Leonard, res. 118 south Fourth street.
Louise Leonard, finisher, chair factory, res. 624 Third street.
M. C. Leonard, clerk, Hutchison’s, res. 624 Third street.
Peter Leonard, laborer, Rice’s refinery, res. Fultonburg.
Henry Leonhard, laborer, spoke and rim works, res. 208 Sacra Via.
Mary Leonhard, widow, res. 526 Fourth street.
Caroline Leonhart, widow, res. 509 Warren street.
John E. Leonhart, jeweler, 228 Front street, res. 520 Fifth street.
Louis Leonhart, marble cutter, Meisenhelder & McLaren, res. 511 Warren street.
Ella Lewis, seamstress, res. 508 Front street.
Mrs. James Lewis, widow, res. 508 Front street.
Mary Lica, domestic, 308 4th st.
H. W. Liggett, optician, D. B. Anderson, boards St. James Hotel.
Jennie Lillie, res. 231 Ohio street.
A. B. Little, County Sheriff, res. 202 Putnam street.
J. A. Livesay, res. 309 Putnam street.
Lola Lockwood, res. 308 4th st.
T. J. Lockwood, oil operator, res. 308 Fourth street.
Charles Loftus, laborer, chair factory, res. 221 south Sixth street.
Jno. Loftus, laborer, Rice’s refinery, res. 221 south Sixth street.
Fred. Lohsse, res. 426 Sixth street.
Fred Lohsse, Jr., laborer, chair factory, res. 426 Sixth street.
Jemima Loman, widow, res. 206 Washington street.
W. B. Loomis, attorney at law, 102 Putnam street, res. 228 Third street.
Jno. A. Loper, res. 222 south Fifth street.
Geo. H. Lord, conductor, B. & O. S. W. R. R., res. 232 Fifth street.
Chas. Lorenz, laborer, res. 623 Seventh street.
Eva Lorenz, widow, res. 629 Seventh street.
Henry Lorenz, teamster, res. 314 Sixth street.
Catherine Lorentz, saloon, 106 Front street, res. same.
Jos. G. L. Lorentz, barkeeper, C. Lorentz, res. 106 Front street.
Mrs. C. L. Lorey, widow, res. 226 Fifth street.
Ella Lorey, dressmaker, res. 226 5th street.
Florence E. Lorey, clerk, Craig’s Art Studio, res. 226 5th street.
Louise Lorey, teacher, res. 226 5th street.
G. W. Lovell, Phoenix Oil Wk’s, res. 416 6th street.
O. M. Lovell, Phoenix Oil Wk’s, res. 416 6th street.
Mrs. S. M. Lovell, widow, res. 219 Putnam street.
Amos Lovens, teamster, res. 604 Hart street.
Fred Lucas, plasterer, res. 725 Front street.
H. G. Lucas, mgr. W. U. Telegraph, res. Harmar.
Morris S. Luchs, wholesale liquors, 130 Front street, res. 315 Washington street.
David Ludwig, porter, National House, res. same.
Jacob Ludwig, gardner, National House farm, res. same.
G. J. Lund, inspector, American Surety Co., res. 221 4th street.
Rev. J. T. Lusk, pastor Unitarian Church, res. 232 3d street.
Hanna Luty, widow, res. 625 6th street.
Chas. D. Lyman, cabinet maker, chair factory, res. 723 4th street.
O. S. Lyne, millinery, 147 Front street, res. 118 4th street.

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