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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - O

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Geo. Oesterle, varnisher, chair factory, res. 720 3rd street.
Henry Oesterle, laborer, chair factory, res. 406 2nd street.
E. N. Ogden, druggist, res. 202 Washington street.
W. M. Ogle, manager Oil Well Supply Co., 175 Front street, res. 317 4th street.
Oil Well Supply Co., 175 Front street.
Ohio Coal Co., 126 3rd street.
David Okey, attorney at law, office Putnam street, res. 514 Butler street.
Mrs. Mary C. Oldham, widow, res. 408 2nd street.
Dennis O’Leary, turner, chair factory, res. 705 7th street.
Etta Oliver, res. 113 Post street.
James Oliver, boat carpenter, res. 113 Post street.
Adda Olney, teacher Fultonburg school, res. Newport Pike.
Mrs. Olney, widow, res. Newport Pike.
Gage Olney, farmer, res. Newport Pike.
Grove Olney, farmer, res. Newport Pike.
Frank Olney, farmer, res. Newport Pike.
Joseph O’Neal, salesman, Meisenhelder & McLaren, res. 706 4th street.
L. O’Neil, asst. road master, C. & M. R. R., res. Fultonburg.
George Opp, laborer, chair factory, res. 521 7th street.
Henry Opp, machine hand, chair factory, res. 527 7th street.
Frank Opp, teamster, res. 622 Muskingum street.
Oriential Sample Room, W. H. Wolfram, Proprietor, 176 Front street.
Carrie Otterbein, domestic, res. 323 2nd street.
Clements Otterbein, laborer, Meister’s Tannery, res. 237 7th street.
Mrs. J. H. Otterbein, widow, res. 419 Ohio street.
Louise E. Otterbein, res. 419 Ohio street.
Wm. Otterbein, butcher, res. 419 Ohio street.
Otto Bros., dry goods & notions, 286 Front street.
Chas. W. Otto, Otto Brs., res. 214 s 6th street.
J. Wesley Otto, Otto Bros., res. 214 s 6th street.
Harry Otto, clerk, Otto Bros., res. 214 s 6th street.
John Otto, messenger 1st Nat. Bank, 214 s 6th street.
Joseph Otto, groceries, res. 214 s 6th street.
Lizzie Otto, res. 214 s. 6th street.
Lucinda Owen, widow, Old Lady’s Home, res. 812 3d street.

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