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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - R

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Eliza F. Racer, res. 705 7th st.
Florence Racer, res. 235 3d street.
F. Racer, engineer, res. 235 3d street.
Samuel Racer, painter, res. 111 7th street.
Wm. P. Racer, groceryman, 101 n 7th street, res. 705 7th street.
Joseph Ramp, butcher, G. J. Wylie, res. 233 2d street.
J. Ramp, laborer, res. 233 2d st.
John Ramp, laborer, res. 214 Scammel street.
Wm. Ramp, res. 227 2nd street.
Fremont Ranger, laborer, res. 712 Front street.
Frank Ranger, telegraph operator, res. 129 Muskingum street.
Frank Ranger, turner, chair factory’s saw mill, res. Harmar.
John Ranger, carpenter, res. 815 4th street.
Wm. Ranger, carpenter, res. 418 2d street.
Wm. Rapp, saloonist, 181 Front street.
Isaac Rarick, laborer, res. 113-1/2 Ohio street.
Dedrick Raschen, clerk, Rodick Bros., res. Harmar.
Henry Raschen, merchant, Kropp & Raschen, 105 Putnam street, res. 506 5th street.
Corte S. Ray, clerk, Rodick Bros., boards St. James Hotel.
John Ray, carpenter, res. 206 s. 6th street.
Mary Ray, res. 206 s. 6th street.
Nelson Ray, carpenter, res. 206 s 6th street.
T. J. Ray, oil operator, res. 511 Wooster street.
Wm. Reader, oil operator, res. 526 3d street.
Samuel Reese, proprietor Central House, res. 335 2nd street.
Abe Rech, tinner, A. & J. Rech, res. 286 Front street.
Jacob Rech, Jr., A. & J. Rech, res. 512 Charles street.
A. & J. Rech, tinner, 157 Front street.
Jacob Rech, machinist, res. 512 Charles street.
Chas. Rech, turner, chair factory, res. 217 south 6th street.
Emma Rech, domestic, 218 3rd street.
Lena Rech, domestic, 112 Putnam street.
Mrs. C. P. Regnier, widow, res. 311 3rd street.
Frank Reidenbach, Grub & Reidenbach, bottling works 125 Greene street.
F. S. Reckard, oil driller, res. 415 2nd street.
J. L. Reckard, liveryman, stable 112 south 3rd street, res. 301 Greene street.
Reckard’s Livery Stable, J. L. Reckard, prop., res. 112 south 3rd street.
Mina Remley, domestic, 3220 4th street.
B. Reppert, engineer, C. & M. R. R., res. 118 south 2nd street.
Emma Reynolds, clerk, Hutch-, res. Harmar.
Jennie Reynolds, tailoress, Hamilton & Heidricks, res. Harmar.
Anna Rexsteiner, domestic, res. 331 5th street.
Ottie Rhodes, steamboatman, res. 712 Front street.
Mrs. C. R. Rhodes, widow, res. 322 Front street.
Miss Eleanor Rhodes, res. 322 Front street.
Joseph Rhodes, laborer, chair factory’s saw mill, Pinchville.
Blanch Rice, res. 307 2nd street.
Carrie Rice, domestic, 333 4th street.
Geo. Rice, oil refinery, res. 307 2nd street.
Henry Rice, laborer, spoke & rim works.
A. J. Richards, druggist & pharmacist, res. 127 Greene street.
C. W. Richards, attorney at law, office 116 Putnam street, res. 306 Front street.
Ed. T. Richards, pharmacist, A. J. Richards, 127 Greene street, res. 302 6th street.
Ella B. Richards, res. 302 6th street.
E. H. Richards, produce merchant, res. 116 4th street.
Geo. W. Richards, carpenter, res. 708 4th street.
Maggie E. Richards, res. 320 6th street.
Marie E. Richards, widow, res. 320 6th street.
Matilda Richards, res. 116 4th street.
Sadie Richards, res. 116 4th street.
Chas. Richardson, att’y at law, 633 Front street.
Elizabeth Richardson, widow, res. 302 6th street.
R. W. Richardson, R. W. Richardson & Co., res. 407 4th street.
Reuben Richardson, plasterer, res. 407 Mulberry street.
Lucy Richie, domestic, 216 Greene street.
Adam Rider, plasterer, res. 811 5th street.
Louis A. Rider, A. L. Rider & Co., res. 135 Front street.
A. L. Rider & Co., rubber stamps, 135 Front street.
Nicholas Rider, plasterer, res. 721 5th street.
John H. Riley, att’y at law, office 122 Putnam street, res. cor 5th & Montgomery streets.
Mary Riley, widow, res. Muskingum street.
Minnie Riley, res. Muskingum street.
Samuel C. Reinhart, artist, res. 703 6th street.
Sarah Ritchie, widow, res. Newport Pike.
Carrie Rites, widow, domestic, 226 Putnam street.
Rittenhouse Bros., broom manufacturers, 630 3d street.
Alice Roberman, widow, res. 309 6th street.
Robert Robertson, farmer, 830 3d street.
L. D. Robinson, fireman, steamer O’Neil, res. 206 Church st.
Wm. Robinson, laborer, res. 709 7th street.
Rodick Bros., wholesale and retail hardware merchants, 158-160 Front street.
Bernard Rodick, Rodick Bros., res. 620 Front street.
Henry Rodick, Rodick Bros., res. 421 2d street.
John H. Rodick, clerk, Rodick Bros., res. 620 Front street.
Laura Rodick, res. 620 Front st.
Anna Roeser, tailoress, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 212 Scammel street.
Frank Roeser, tinner, J. Seyler & Bro., res. 212 Scammel street.
Henry Roeser, Roeser & Sturgiss, 185 Front street, res. 520 5th street.
Roeser & Sturgiss, General Insurance Agents, 185 Front street.
Wm. Roeser, Jr., oil operator, res. 407 3d street.
Wm. Roeser, Sr., res. 212 Scammel street.
Anna Roper, domestic, 225 Ohio street.
Anna Rogers, domestic, 505 Putnam street.
John Rogers, watchman, B. & S. W. R. R., res. 606 Washington street.
Louis Rogers, laborer, chair factory, res. 601 Washington st.
Mary Rogers, waiter, Globe Hotel, 213 Ohio street.
Minnie Rogers, res. 115 s 5th st.
Samuel Rogers, steamboat engineer, res. 254 s 6th street.
W. L. Rolston, res. 320 4th street.
Alden Rose, cigar maker, P. Schlicher, res. Harmar.
Mary A. Rosebery, widow, res. 419 3d street.
Mary Rosenkranz, widow, res. 703 6th street.
Bertha Ross, widow, res. 636 4th street.
C. W. Ross, collector Singer M’f’g Co., 615 Wooster street.
Lulu Ross, res. 306 Church st.
Chas. Rounds, fireman, C. & M. R. R., res. 108 Greene street.
Ella Rounds, res. 331 Greene street.
Robert Rounds, laborer, Rice’s refinery, res. 331 Greene street.
Lucy Roush, clerk, Lina Campbell, res. 118 4th street.
W. A. Rownd, Boots, Shoes, & Groceries, 159 Front street.
W. W. Rucker, laborer, res. 206 5th street.
S. C. Ruckman, sign writer, 130 Putnam street, res. Harmar.
Adam Rudig, moulder, A. T. Nye & Son, res. 523 6th street.
Albert Rudig, painter, res. 424 2nd street.
Clara M. Rudig, res. 529 6th street.
Mrs. Rudig, widow, res. 529 6th street.
A. G. Rumbold, harness maker, J. Coulter, res. Harmar.
Chas. Russel, porter, Commercial Hotel, res. 124 south 2nd street.
Ruben Russel, res. 604 Washington street.
Wm. Russel, tailor, Hamilton & Heidrich, res. 613 Warren street.
Catherine Ruth, res. 718 6th street.
Jacob Ruth, laborer, res. 718 6th street.
James D. Ryan, clerk, res. 621 4th street.
M. Ryan, traveling salesman, res. 621 4th street.

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