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Directory - Town of Harmar, 1890

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890.  Richardson Bros., Publishers.

[Note:  Street names in Harmar in 1890, such as Ohio Street and Front Street, should not be confused with streets of the same name in Marietta.  Harmar street names were changed following the annexation to Marietta.] 

Augusta Adams, res. near turntable.
Harry H. Adams, miller, res. near turntable.
Peter Adams, teamster, res. New street.
Samuel Adams, laborer, res. near turntable.
Oliver Agin, engineer, res. 4th street.
C. E. Allen, res. 3d street.
E. H. Allen, druggist, res. cor 4th and Church streets.
Florence Allen, res 3d street.
Geo. L. Allen, res. 3d street.
Irene Allen, widow, res. 4th & [sic]
Julia S. Allen, dressmaker, res. 4th and Church streets.
American House, John Steen, prop’r., cor. 2d & Church streets.
E. A. Anderson, marble cutter, res Lancaster street.
Barbara Andrews, widow, res. near Cemetery.
Christ Andrews, res. New street.
Conrad J. Andrews, res. near Cemetery.
Louis Andrews, res. near cemetery.
Russel Arbour, res. 3d street.
Florence Armstrong, res. Church street.
Joshua Armstrong, carpenter, res. Church street.
Wm. Armstrong, res. 3d street.
Wm. D. Arnold, res. 3d street.
F. C. Athey, res. corner Muskingum and New streets.

Horace Babb, carpenter, res. 6th street.
Mary Babb, domestic, cor 2d and Ohio streets.
James Babcock, painter, res. 3d street.
Jennie Babcock, res. 3d street.
Lucian Babock, res. Muskingum street.
Lucy Babcock, widow, res. Muskingum street.
Ruth Babcock, res. Muskingum street.
Henry Bacher, cooper, res. 3d st.
Henry Bahlman, miller, res. 2d street.
Katie Bahlman, res. 2d street.
Nettie Bahlman, book binder, res. 2d street.
E. Bahlman, res. 2d street.
Levi Barber, res. Front street.
Aleck Barr, cooper, res. Lancaster street.
Christ Bauer, sexton, res. Wood street.
John Bauer, moulder, res. Wood street.
Carrie Baumgartner, res. Church street.
Edw. Baumgartner, tinner, res. Church street.
Mrs. G. Baumgartner, widow, res. Church street.
Hannah Baumgartner, res. Church street.
Katie Baumgartner, res. Church street.
Louis Baumgartner, res. Wood street.
Otis Beagle, moulder, res. 3rd st.
Milton Beagle, refiner, res. 3d st.
Richard Beebe, Dept. Marshal, res. 4th street.
W. S. Beebe, groceries, corner 2nd & Church street.
John Bell, moulder, res. 4th st.
Henry Beltz, res. 2nd street.
J. G. Beltz, groceries, 2nd & Putnam street, res. 2nd street.
Kate Beltz, widow, res. 2nd st.
Lizzie Beltz, res. 2nd street.
Maria Bennett, res. Front st.
Mary Birnie, res. Ohio street.
Robert Birnie, machinist, res. Ohio street.
Ed Bise, moulder, res. Lancaster street.
James Bise, Jr., moulder, res. Market street.
James Bise, res. Market street.
D. S. Bishop, res. 3d street.
D. G. Biszantz, moulder, res. Lancaster street.
Belle Blair, res. 3d street.
Bert Blair, carver, res. 3d street.
Jesse Blair, machinist, res 3d street.
J. M. Blair, machinist, res. 3d street.
Samuel Blair, printer, res. 3d st.
H. J. Blondin, machinist, res. 3d street.
W. H. Blondin, res. 3d street.
Chas. Bodmar, res. corner Market and 5th streets.
Fred Bodmar, boiler maker, res. Corner 4th and Clinton streets.
Fred Bodmar, wagon maker, res. corner Market and 5th sts.
Henry Bodmar, res. corner Market and 5th streets.
John Bodmar, cooper, res. 4th street.
Wm. Bodmar, res. near turntable.
Barbara Boothby, res. New st.
Henry Boothby, engineer, res. Muskingum street.
Nannie Boothby, res. New st.
Pearl Boothby, res. Muskingum street.
Robt. Boothby,engineer, new street.
Christ Bootz, res. 4th street.
Jacob Boyle, res. 4th street.
Ella Brabham, res. Church street.
Jane Brabham, res. Church st.
Pearl Brabham, res. Church st.
Wellington Brabham, carpenter, res. Church street.
Ed. Bram, res. 2d street.
F. R. Brenan, res. Front street.
Chas. Brickwede, shoemaker, residence Muskingum street.
Julia Brickwede, tailoress, res. Muskingum street.
Rachel Brickwede, widow, res. Muskingum street.
Amos Brown, fireman, res. 4th street.
Mary Brown, teacher, res. 2d street.
C. R. Buchanan, druggist, 2d & Church streets.
Sadie R. Buchanan, res. 2d st.
Tessa Budgett, res. Ohio street.
Wm. Budgett, res. Ohio street.
Wm. R. Bull, res. cor New and Muskingum street.
Henry Burchett, res. 4th street.
Jane Burchett, res. 4th street.
Eliza M. Bussard, widow, res. cor. Lord & 3d.

Annie Cadden, res. 3rd street.
Wm. Cadden, res. 3rd street.
Ella Callighan, res. Lancaster street.
Emma Callighan, res. Lancaster street.
John Callighan, res. Lancaster street.
Wm. Callihan, brakeman, res. 2nd street.
Irvin Cameron, res. corner Ward & Ohio street.
Sarah Cameron, res. corner Ward & Ohio street.
John Campbell, res. 6th street.
John Carothers, brakeman, res. Lancaster street.
David Carpenter, teamster, res. 2nd street.
Jacob Carpenter, res. 3rd street.
Wm. Carpenter, carpenter, res. 3rd street.
Laura Chamberlain, widow, res. 2nd street.
Leander Chapin, horse dealer, res. 2nd street.
Geo. Cheeseman, res. 6th street.
Wm. Cheeseman, res. 6th street.
Geo. Cheney, book-keeper, res. 2nd street.
J. K. Chesney, oil driller, res. 2nd street.
Chas. Cisler, Agt., B. & O. S. W. R. R., res. 2nd street.
John Cisler, supervisor, B. & O. S. W. R. R., res. 2d street.
Katie Cisler, teacher, res. 2d st.
Chas. Clark, moulder, res. corner 3d and Pearl street.
Wm. J. Clark, pattern maker, res. 3d street.
Ed W. Cline, groceries, res. 2d street.
Catherine Clink, widow, res. Church street.
Belle Coffman, res. Muskingum street.
C. M. Coffman, brakeman, res. Lancaster and 3d streets.
D. G. Coler, res. 2d street.
Lucy Cole, widow, res. Front st.
Henry Conrath, baker, res. Marietta.
Wm. H. Cornell, carpenter, res. 2d street.
C. M. Cottrill, blacksmith, res. New street.
Quincy Craig, res. near turntable.
Wm. Craig, moulder, res. 3d st.

J. B. Daniels, engineer, res. Church street.
Mary Daniels, res. 2d street.
Susan Daniels, teacher, res. 2d street.
James Davenport, miller, res. Market street.
C. C. Davis, res. 3d street.
D. W. Davis, pilot, res. Muskingum street.
Frank Davis, res. Muskingum street.
P. A. Davis, res. Lancaster st.
R. B. Davis, engineer, res 6th street.
Sarah Davis, widow, res. 3d st.
S. E. Dawson, printer, res. 3d street.
Russell Dee, res. near Mile Run.
Christ Deidrich, res. Lancaster street.
Mathews Diedrich, res. near Cemetery.
Catherine Detzel, china & queensware, Church street, res. same.
Wm. Detzel, saloon, Church st., res. same.
Mollie Diamond, res. Putnam street.
L. Devine, road master, T. & O. C. E. R. R., res. cor. 4th & Lancaster streets.
Jas. Dutton, minister, res. near turntable.
Tenia Dyar, domestic, 4th st.
John Dye, fireman, res. 3d street.
Pearl Dye, res. 3d street.
Ross Dye, engineer, res. 3d street.

Ambrose Early, res. 2d street.
George Early, bricklayer, res. 6th street.
Rebecca Early, res. 2nd street.
Simeon Early, brakeman, res. 6th street.
Lucy Eckelberry, widow, res. 2d street.
Jason Eckford, teacher dancing, res. 2nd street.
Lawrence Eiseman, carpenter, res. corner 3rd & Clinton st.
Arthur Elston, res. corner Pearl & 5th street.
Louis Elston, res. corner Pearl & 5th street.
Joe Emge, res. Church street.
Mary Emge, res. Church street.
Henry Erbs, stonecutter, res. Ohio street.
Hattie Etz., widow, res. Front street.
Wm. Evans, quarryman, res. Muskingum street.
Mary Evelston, widow, res. Market street.
Eunice Evelston, res. Market st.
Henry Everly, res. 4th street.

Douglas Farmer, teamster, res. 2nd street.
Geo. Farmer, res. Muskingum street.
Mary Farmer, nurse, res. Muskingum street.
Saml. Farmer, res. Muskingum street.
Sarah Farmer, widow, res. Muskingum street.
Charles Fearing, res. Muskingum street.
Henry Fearing, res. cor. Market & 2d streets.
Mary B. Fearing, widow, res. 2d st.
Lon Finch, telegraph operator, res. 2d street.
Myria Finch, res. 2d street.
Sarah Finch, widow, res. 2d st.
W. E. Finch, clerk, C. & M. R. R., res. Market street.
Aaron Flanders, res. 3d street.
C. Flanders, res. Lord street.
Charles Flanders, ticket agent, Z. & O. R. R., res. 3d street.
J. E. Flanders, groceries, Church street.
Mattie Flanders, res. Lord street.
Sadie Flanders, res. 3d street.
Flanders & Smith, groceries & dry goods, Church street.
Jackson Ford, res. 4th street.
John Fowler, bricklayer, res. 2d street.

James Gallagher, res. Ohio st.
Jennie Gallagher, res. Market street.
Vincent Gallagher, res. Market street.
W. A. Gallagher, conductor B. & O. S. W. R. R., res. Market st.
Wm. Geen, res. 3d street.
Wm. Geren, printer, res. cor. 6th & Pearl streets.
Fannie Gerken, res. cor. Church & Front street.
John Gerken, res. Front street.
Saida Gerken, res. cor. Front & Church street.
Emma Gephart, domestic, Putnam & 4th streets.
Charles Gill, blacksmith, res. 4th street.
Laura Gilpin, tailoress, res. Muskingum street.
J. W. Gilpin, res. Muskingum street.
Wm. Gilpin, res. Ohio street.
D. H. Gibson, groceries, Church & 2d street, res. same.
Katie Gibson, res. Church & 2nd.
Paul Goerlitz, teamster, res. Muskingum street.
George Goodwin, contractor, res. Market street.
T. B. Goodwin, res. Market st.
Benj. Gossett, res. cor. Church & 4th street.
Jno. Griffith, res. 2d street.
W. G. Gurley, res. 2d street.

A. S. Hale, mechanic, res. cor. 6th & Ohio street.
Bert Hale, res. 6th & Ohio street.
Hattie Hale, res. 6th & Ohio sts.
Maggie Hale, res. 2d street.
Mina Hale, res. 6th & Ohio.
Nellie Hale, res. 2nd street.
Owen Hale, bridge tender, res. 2nd street.
Wm. Hale, brakeman, res. 2nd street.
Elizabeth Hall, widow, res. Ohio street.
J. G. Hall, Hall & Patton, res. Church street.
Hall & Pattin, machinists, 4th & Market street.
Lee Hamer, engineer, res. 4th street.
Wm. Hamer, engineer, res. 3d street.
Rev. A. G. Hanby, M. E. Pastor, res. Putnam street.
Chas. Hanes, res. near Mile Run.
Friend Harding, res. Church street.
Rev. D. T. Harris, Congregational pastor, res. 3d street.
Gus Harris, res. Chapinville.
Jos. Harris, res. 4th street.
Manley Harris, res. Chapinville.
Chas. Harrison, teacher, res. Church street.
G. W. Harrison, nurse, Church street.
Lillie Harrison, res. Church st.
Walter Harrison, res. Church street.
Helen Hart, res. 2d street.
J. T. Hart, contractor, res. 2d street.
Lizzie Hart, res. Market st.
Lydia Hart, teacher, res. 2d st.
Minnie Hart, res. 2d street.
R. B. Hart, book-keeper, res. 3d street.
R. B. Hart, Jr., physician, res. 2d street.
Seth Hart, physician, res. 2d st.
S. M. Hart, dentist, res. cor. Pearl & 3d streets.
Amos Harvey, fireman, res. Lord street.
Jacob Haus, engineer, res. Wood street.
Geo. Hawkins, fireman, res. 3d st.
Nancy Hawkins, domestic, Church street.
Louis Hayes, res. near Mile Run.
Jacob Heiner, res. Muskingum street.
Jacob Heintz, res. 4th street.
Anna Henning, res. near turntable.
Flora Henning, res. near turntable.
Mary Henning, res. near turntable.
Wm. H. Henning, saloon, res. near turntable.
Otto Henninger, baker, res. Lowell, O.
Charles Henry, res. 2d street.
Frank Henry, res. 2d street.
W. N. Henry, dentist, res. 2d street.
J. H. Heston, book-keeper, res. 2d street.
Wm. Higgins, res. cor. 5th and Pearl street.
Mrs. S. W. Higley, res. 3d street.
Daniel Hill, painter, res. 4th st.
John Hill, carpenter, res. cor. 4th and Pearl streets.
Frank Hilton, res. Chapinville.
Frank Hollister, conductor, res. 2d street.
Mattie Hollister, res. 2d street.
W. B. Hollister, res. 2d street.
H. C. Hodkinson, res. Muskingum street.
Hugh Hodkinson, res. Muskingum street.
Harvey Hylton, res. Ward st.
W. M. Hutchman, druggist, res. Church street.

Charles Ice, res. Lancaster st.
John Ice, res. Lancaster street.
Sophia Ice, widow, res. Lancaster street.

B. F. Jackson, fireman, res. cor. Putnam and Third streets.
Lizzie Jackson, widow, res. Lord street.
Albert Johnston, res. Market st.
Charles Johnston, res. 6th st.
Henry Johnston, res. near Mile Run.
Jos. Johnston, res. cor. New and Muskingum streets.
Marshall Johnston, barber, res. Church street.
Mattie Johnston, domestic, cor. 2d and Market streets.
Wm. Johnston, res. near Mile Run.
J. H. Jordan, moulder, res. 3d street.
Spencer Jordan, moulder, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
A. Judd, carpenter, res. res. 3d st.
Clara Judd, res.3d street.
J. G. Judd, res. Lancaster st.
Wm. Judd, book-keeper, res. 3d street.
David Justice, res. 4th street.
Moses Justice, res. near Mile Run.

Eunice Keefer, res. 4th street.
Sol Keefer, carpenter, res. 4th street.
Wm. Keefer, res. 4th street.
Geo. Kellner, moulder, res. Stone street.
Henry Kellner, res. Stone st.
Katie Kellner, res. Stone st.
Will Kellner, moulder, res. Stone street.
Fred Kelly, conductor, res. 3d street.
H. C. Kelly, train-master, res. cor. 5th and Lord streets.
Viola Kelly, widow, res. 3d st.
Geo. Kerps, res.2d street.
Henry Kerps, res. 4th street.
Philip Keys, res. Putnam st.
Norval Kiger, painter, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
Amy King, res. 2d street.
Solomon King, res. 2d street.
Irving Kinnaird, coal dealer, res. Front street.
S. B. Kirby & Co., eggs and dried fruit, 2d and Lancaster streets.
G. Klostermeier, res. Muskingum street.
Henry Klostermeier, res. Muskingum street.
Louise Klostermeier, res. Muskingum street.
Mary Klostermeir, teacher, res. Muskingum street.
Al Knox, res. Ohio street.
Chas. Knox, Jr., res. Ohio st.
Chas. Knox, steamboatman, res. cor. 2nd and Ohio streets.
Clarence Knox, res. Ohio street.
Ed Knox, moulder, res. Ohio st.
Frank Knox, fireman, res. cor. 3d and Lord streets.
Geo. W. Knox, engineer, res. cor. 4th and Ohio streets.
Harry D. Knox, boat builder, res. 2d street.
John Knox, marshal, res. 3d st.
Jas. Knox, moulder, res. Ohio street.
Louis Knox,res. Ohio street.
M. G. Knox, boat builder, res. 2d street.
Norma Knox, res. cor. Ohio & 4th streets.
Sallie Knox, res. 2d street.
Emma Kraft, domestic, res. 3d street.
Henry Kraft, at’ty at law, res. 4th street.
August Kropp, res. Putnam st.
Henry Kropp, res. Putnam st.
John Kropp, res. Putnam st.
Katie Kropp, res. Putnam st.
Wm. Kropp, res. Putnam st.
Wm. Kropp, jr., res. Putnam st.

Russell Lanham, res. cor. 4th & Market streets.
J. A. Lashley, moulder, res. 3d street.
J. D. Lashley, book-keeper, res. 4th & Putnam streets.
Bert Laurie, printer, res. Market street.
Jane Laurie, res. Market street.
Mary Laurie, res. Market street.
Pat. Laurie, res. Market street.
Samuel Lightfritz, res. Ward street.
Wm. Lightfritz, res. Ohio st.
George Lightner, res. 6th st.
John Lightner, res. 6th street.
J. O. M. Lightner, res. 6th st.
Lorena M. Lightner, res. 6th street.
Bert Locker, machinist, res. Church street.
Sanford Loffland, Street Commissioner, res. Lancaster st.
Wm. Loffland, contractor, res. Market street.
W. H. Lord, conductor, res. 2d street.
H. G. Lucas, agent W. U. Tel. Co., res. 2d street.
L. C. Lucas, res. 2d street.
Belle Lyebarge, widow, res. Ohio street.
C. C. Lyman, res. 3d street.

Frank Marion, carpenter, res. Church street.
Embert Martin, teamster, res. 2d street.
George Mathews, blacksmith, res. 4th street.
Sol Mathews, res. near cemetery.
Benj. McAtee, res. 3d street.
Dora McAtee, Artist, res. 3d st.
Jos. McAtee, moulder, res. Lancaster street.
W. McAtee, teamster, res. 3d st.
Patrick McAvoy, res. 4th st.
Peter McCabe, res. near turntable.
Mrs. L. A. McCloskey, widow, res. 2d street.
J. H. McConnell, machinist, res. Lancaster street.
Annie McCoy, res. 2d street.
Asa McCoy, res. 2d street.
Ed. McCoy, river cook, res. Putnam street.
Etta McCoy, res. Putnam street.
Irene McCoy, widow, res. Putnam street.
Lizzie McCoy, res. Putnam st.
Rosa McCoy, widow, res. Church street.
W. R. McCoy, salesman, res. 2d street.
W. W. McCoy, contractor, res. 2d street.
Wesley McCracken, res. Chapinville.
Jacob McDonald, engineer, res. 2d street.
John McDonald, river cook, res. 3d street.
Jas. McKinney, res. 3d street.
Aaron McLaughlin, pilot, res. cor. 4th & Lancaster streets.
Jas. McLaughlin, res. cor. 4th & Lancaster streets.
Dennis McSweeney, res. 5th st.
Wm. McVey, res. Muskingum street.
Lucy Milam, res. 3d & Market street.
Maria Milam, widow, res. cor. 3d and Market streets.
Eli Miller, butcher, res. Church street.
Mary Miller, domestic, Market street.
Wm. Miller, res. 3d street.
Wm. Miller, res. Muskingum st.
Wm. Mmiller, Jr., res. Muskingum street.
Seth Millighan, res. Ward st.
Wm. Millighan, res. Chapinville.
Mrs. A. M. Miner, widow, res. 3d street.
J. E. Miner, cigar maker, res. 3d street.
Geo. Mitchell, fireman, res. 4th and Market streets.
Isabel Mitchell, res. 4th and Market streets.
Mary Mitchell, res. 4th and Market streets.
R. Monroe, gardner, res. 3d st.
T. W. Moore, dry goods and groceries, corner 2d and Market streets.
Wm. Moore, brick-layer, res. 3d street.
Wm. Morgan, res. cor. 5th and Pearl streets.
Laura T. Morse, res. 3d street.
Wm. Morse, master mechanic, res. 3d street.
James Morton, carpenter, res. Ohio street.
Kate Morton, res. Ohio street.
Lina Morton, res. Ohio street.
F. Mullin, physician, res. Lancaster street.
Geor. Muncy, barber, res. Church street.
Jack Muncy, res. Ohio street.
Montgomery Muncy, laborer, res. 4th street.
Poke Muncy, res. near turntable.
Ida Murphy, res. near turntable.
James Murphy, res. 3d street.
Leonard Murphy, barber, res. near turntable.
Hugh A. Myers, sup’t schools, res. cor. 3d & Lord streets.

Charles Nelson, oil driller, res. 3d street.
Louis Nesperly, blacksmith, res. Church street.
Lottie Neugent, widow, res. New street.
Mary J. Newson, widow, res. Lancaster street.
Horace Norton, res. cor. 2d & Market.

John O’Donell, plasterer, res. cor. 5th & Ohio streets.
Mrs. S. A. Ogenbaugh, widow, res. Muskingum street.

George Padgitt, moulder, res. 2d street.
Grace Parker, res. cor. 3d and Clinton streets.
Ida Parker, res. cor. 3d and Clinton streets.
Jas. S. Parker, bridge tender, res. cor. 3d & Clinton sts.
Linnie Parker, res. cor. 3d and Clinton streets.
May Parker, res. 2d street.
Chas. Parsons, res. Ohio street.
Mrs. A. E. Pattin, widow, res. 4th street.
Dode L. Pattin, res. 4th street.
W. S. Pattin, machinist, res. corner Putnam and 3d streets.
M. A. Payne, dressmaker, res. 3d street.
Annie Pfaff, res. 3d street.
Carrie Pfaff, res. 3d street.
Douglas Pfaff, moulder, res. 3d street.
Jacob Pfaff, teamster, res. 3d st.
Louis Pfaff, machinist, res. 3d street.
Mame Pfaff, domestic, 3d st.
Mary Pfaff, res. 3d street.
Wm. Pfaff, res. 3d street.
Ed Peters, tinner, res. Lancaster street.
Arthur Peterson, car repairer, res. Church street.
Lucy Peterson, res. Church st.
Mary Peterson, widow, res. Church street.
Ed. Pfeiffer, res. cor. 3d & Market streets.
Emma Pfeiffer, res. cor. 3d & Market streets.
J. G. Pfeiffer, tailor, res. cor. 3d & Market streets.
Laura Pfeiffer, res. cor. 3d & Market street.
Wm. Pfeiffer, printer, res. cor. 3d & Market street.
Carrie Pfeil, widow, res. Ohio street.
Florence Pfeifel, res. Ohio st.
Jos. Pflug, barber, res. Ohio st.
James Pinkerton, cooper, res. 5th street.
A. Pixley, carpenter, res. 3d st.
Almer Preston, teamster, res. Lancaster street.
Anna Preston, res. 3d street.
Calvin Preston, teamster, res. Lancaster street.
Calvin Preston, Jr., res. 2d st.
Clara Preston, res. 2d street.
Curtis Preston, res. 3d street.
Ed Preston, boiler maker, res. Lancaster street.
Frank Preston, fireman, res. Market street.
George Preston, moulder, res. 3d street.
Nora Preston, res. 3d street.
Washington Preston, carpenter, res. 3d street.
Anna Price, res. 3d street.
Douglas Price, teamster, res. 3d street.
Jane Price, widow, res. 3d st.
John Preston, clerk, res. 3d st.
Wm. Preston, teamster, res. cor. 4th and Pearl streets.
LeRoy Protsman, painter, res. Putnam street.
Marie Protsman, book-keeper, res. Putnam street.
Carolyn Pugh, res. Ohio street.
D. P. Pugh, res. Market street.
D. P. Pugh, Jr., res. Market st.
May Pugh, teacher, res. Market street.
Robert Pugh, printer, res. Ohio street.
Thomas Pugh, res. Ohio street.
Benjamin Putnam, brakeman, res. Front street.
David Putnam, res. 2d street.
Douglas Putnam, res. head Putnam street.
Martha Putnam, res. 2d street.
Mary Putnam, res. Lord street.
S. H. Putnam, res. Front st.

Leonard Quinn, res. cor. 2d and Market streets.

Frank Ranger, res. near cemetery.
Henry Raschen, blacksmitih, res. Lancaster street.
Richard Raschen, res. Lancaster street.
Charles Rech, moulder, res. Lancaster street.
Julia T. Reed, groceries, dry goods & c., 2d and Market sts., res. same.
Wm. Reed,miller, res. 2d st.
Henry Remley, shoemaker, res. Front street.
Annie Reynolds, res. cor. Market and 3d streets.
Ed Reynolds, conductor, res. cor. Market and 3d streets.
Emma Reynolds, res. cor. Market and 3rd streets.
James Reynolds, Wieser & Reynolds, res. cor. Market and 3d streets.
Jennie Reynolds, tailoress, res. cor. Market street.
W. F. Robertson, res. cor. 3d st. Putnam streets.
W. F. Robertson & Co., plow works cor. 2d & Putnam streets.
John Robinson, carpenter, res. New street.
George Rock, res. 2d street.
Wm. Rock, res. 2d street.
Phillip Roe, res. Chapinville.
Sadie Ronan, domestic, Putnam street.
Frank Rone, express messenger, res. Lord street.
Mary F. Roney, res. cor. 4th & Clinton.
Wm. R. Roney, blacksmith, res. cor. 4th & Clinton streets.
Wm. Roper, bridge carpenter, res. cor. 4th & Market streets.
A. A. Rose, painter, res. 3d st.
Hannah Rossiter, widow, res. Putnam street.
Louise Rossiter, res. Putnam st.
John Roush, res. cor. 5th & Pearl streets.
C. W. Rowland, pilot, res. 4th street.
S. C. Ruckman, painter, res. 2d street.
Alfred Rumbold, harness maker, res. 3d street.
George Rumbold, res. Market st.
Mollie Rumbold, res. 6th street.
Cullom Ryan, engineer, res. 6th street.
James Ryan, res. 6th street.
Mollie Ryan, res. 3d street.

Henry Savage, lock tender, res. Church street.
Alex S. Sayre, tailor, res. 3d st.
Chas. Sayre, res. 3d street.
India Sayre, res. 3d street.
Laura Sayre, res. 3d street.
Agnes Scherer, domestic, Putnam street.
_____ Schilling, moulder, res. 3d street.
Lizzie M. Schlaubach, res. cor. Walnut & Muskingum streets.
Peter Schlaubach, res. cor. Walnut & Muskingum streets.
Wm. Schlicher, res. 5th street.
Hattie Schott, domestic, 2d st.
Mary Schott, widow, res. near Cemetery.
Belle Scott, res. cor. 2d and Ohio streets.
Charles Scott, moulder, res. Lancaster street.
John Scott, res. cor. 2d and Ohio streets.
Louis Scott, miller, res. near turntable.
Mina Scott, res. cor. 2d and Ohio streets.
Sarah Scott, widow, res. Lancaster street.
Christina Senft, widow, res. Wood street.
Thomas Senft, moulder, res. Wood street.
D. W. Sharpe, carpenter, res. cor. Clinton and 3d streets.
Florence Sharpe, res. 3d st.
Jesse Sharpe, carpenter, res. 3d street.
Mary Sharpe, res. 3d street.
Nellie Sharpe, res. cor. 3d and Clinton streets.
Wm. Sharpe, printer res. 3d st.
A. G. Shiers, res. cor. Lancaster and Muskingum streets.
Harry Shiers, blacksmith, res. cor. Lancaster and Muskingum streets.
Robert Shiers, blacksmith, cor. Lancaster and Muskingum sts.
Henry Simms, res. near turntable.
Ed Singer, res. Ward street.
James W. Skipton, cooper, res. Lancaster street.
Jesse Skipton, res. New street.
John Skipton, teamster, res. 2d street.
Maggie Skipton, res. cor. 4th and Pearl street.
M. W. Skipton, teamster, res. 3d street.
Will Skipton, res. New street.
Cynthia Spalding, widow, res. Ohio street.
Mary Spears, domestic, res. Front street.
Philip Spies, carpenter, res. 4th street.
Laura Sprague, domestic, 2d street.
W. H. Slack, engineer, res. 3d street.
Mrs. Hannah Sleigh, Post-Mistress, res. 2d street.
Miss Hannah Sleigh, res. 2d st.
Adam Smith, yard-master, res. 4th street.
Andy Smith, res. Muskingum street.
Ed Smith, res. near cemetery.
Henry Smith, shoemaker, res. 2d street.
Jacob Smith, (col’d,) res. 2d st.
John Smith, (col’d), res. 2d st.
Laura Smith, (col’d) res. 2d st.
Mary Smith, widow, res. 6th st.
Mary Smith, domestic, 2d st.
Michael Smith, dry goods & groceries, res. Church street.
Moses Smith, res. near Cemetery.
Wm. Smith, res. Lancaster st.
Emeline Stage, domestic, cor. 5th & Ohio.
Frank stage, cooper, cor. 5th & Pearl street.
Samuel Stage, coal dealer; res. Market street.
Star Roller Mills, Strecker, Tompkins & Co., propr’s, Lancaster street.
John Starling, res. 2d street.
Warren Starling, res. cor. Market & 4th streets.
Chas. H. Steadman, moulder, res. 2d street.
Fannie Steadman, widow, res. Lancaster street.
John A. Steadman, moulder, res. Lancaster street.
Clarance Steen, American House, cor. 2d & Market sts.
Harmon Stevens, res. 2d street.
Harry Stewart, res. 2d street.
Wm. Stewart, brakeman, res. 3d street.
Alenia Stonestreet, widow, res. 3d street.
Phoenix Stonestreet, res. 2d st.
Samuel Stonestreet, teamster, res. Muskingum street.
Susan Stonestreet, res. 3d street.
George Storck, baker, cor. 2d & Church sts., res. same.
Emma Strain, res. near Cemetery.
Will. Strain, res. near Cemetery.
Geo. B. Stratton, engineer, res. Church street.
Jane Stratton, widow, res. Church street.
Geo. Strecker, dry goods & groceries, Church street, res. 2d st.
Strecker & Sons, boiler works, Muskingum street.
Strecker & Gerken, dry goods & groceries, Church street.
Henry Strecker, Strecker & Sons, res. Lancaster street.
Strecker, Tompkins & Co., Star Roller Mill, Lancaster street.
Ellen Stump, widow, res. 2d st.
Jennie Stump, res. 2d street.
Cora M. Sugden, res. 2d street.
Thomas H. Sugden, mechanic, res. 2d street.
Morgan Sweeney, res. 5th st.
Patrick Sweeney, res. 3d street.
Mrs. W. Sweeney, res. 3d street.

Mary Taylor, cook, American House.
W. J. Taylor, conductor, res. 4th street.
J. Thomas, blacksmith, res. Pearl street.
Joseph Thomas, res. near turntable.
Ada Thorniley, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
Amy Thorniley, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
Ida E. Thorniley, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
J. B. Thorniley, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
R. R. Thorniley, contractor, res. cor. 3d and Putnam streets.
T. & O. C. E. R. R. Shops, cor. Market and 4th streets.
A. W. Tompkins, Strecker, Tompkins & Co., res. 2d st.
Emma Tornes, res. Front st.
Ida Tornes, res. Front street.
John Tornes, res. Front street.
Lucy Tornes, res. Front street.
Wm. Tornes, boots and shoes, Church street, res. Front st.
Ria Townsend, conductor, res. Ohio street.
John W. Trautman, mayor, res. cor. 3d and Clinton streets.
Rosa Turner, widow, res. 4th st.

Agnes Underwood, widow, res. Front street.

Rebecca Van Wey, res. near turntable.
Thomas Van Wey, res. near turntable.
Thomas Van Wey, Jr., res. 2d st.

Mrs. R. C. Ward, widow, res. 2d street.
Wm. Watkins, teamster, res. 4th street.
J. D. Wheatley, oil operator, res. 2d street.
Sarah Wheatly, res. 2d street.
James White, res. Pearl street.
Anna Whiting, domestic, 3d st.
Ed. Whiting, engineer, res. Chapinville.
Wm. Whiting, res. Ward street.
Maggie Wilderman, res. 4th st.
Anna Wilking, res. 3d street.
Arthur Wilking, print’r, res. 3d st.
John Wilking, teamster, res. 3d street.
A. F. C. Williams, engineer, res. cor. Market & 3d streets.
H. B. Williams, railroad messenger, res. Market & 3d streets.
Herman Willis, grocer, res. 2d street.
John Wilson, res. Wood street.
Viola J. Wilson, res. Wood st.
Wm. Winestock, res. near turntable.
Belle Wooster, teacher, res. 2d street.
Jeff Wooster, stone cutter, res. 2d street.
Linnie Wooster, res. 2d street.
Wm. Wooster, stone cutter, res. 2d street.
Hiram Wynkoop, teamster, res. Front street.

J. L. Young, carpenter, res. 2d street.
Lydia Young, widow, res. Church street.

James Zearing, carpenter, res. 4th and Pearl streets.
Louis Zearing, res. cor. 4th and Pearl streets.
Mrs. P. R. Zearing, widow, res. 2d street.
Winifred Zearing, clerk, res. 2d street.

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Tom said...

Thank you for your blog- I believe that my great great and my third great grandfather are listed in this city directory- James Arbour and J.B. Arbour.

Would you happen to know how to access historical newspapers? The James Arbour mentioned in this list eventually committed suicide in 1933, at an addres of 118 1/2 Front Street, and I'd like to learn more about the circumstances of his death.