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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - A

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

Charles Abbott, engineer, res. 218 south Fifth street.
George Abbott, laborer, res. 230 south Seventh street.
Chas. Ackerson, laborer, 107 Sacra Via, res. Front street.
Ephraim Ackerson, res. 735 Fifth street.
George Ackerson, laborer, res. 708 Front street.
Isaac Ackerson, steamboat engineer, res. 134 south Fourth street.
James Ackerson, teamster, res. 119-1/2 Ohio street.
Jennie Ackerson, 119-1/2 Ohio street.
Lillie Ackerson, res. Post street.
Sarah Ackerson, widow, res. Post street.
Sarah Ackerson, widow, res. 335 Second street.
D. P. Adams Plumbing Co., plumbers and gas fitters, 121 Putnam street.
D. P. Adams, D. P. Adams Plumbing Co., res. Huntington, W. Va.
Adams Express Co., H. H. Henniger, Agt., 168 Front street.
Horace Adams, laborer, res. 106 Montgomery street.
Jno. Adams, laborer, chair factory, res. 222 Seventh street.
J. L. Adams, printer, Times office, res. 307 Scammel street
Rev. Wm. Addy, pastor Presbyterian church, res. 505 Fifth street.
Wm. Addy Jr., machinist, Cincinnati, Ohio, res. 505 Fifth street.
Jerry Agans (colored), laborer, res. 504 Seventh street.
Henry Albrecht, grocer, 412 Third street, res. same.
Andy Albright, tanner, res. 723 Sixth street.
Balsar Albright, farmer, res. 729 Sixth street.
Elizabeth Albright, widow, res. 725 Sixth street.
A. D. Alderman, Editor Marietta Register, res. 329 Third street.
E. R. Alderman, Postmaster, E. R. Alderman & Sons, res. 216 Fifth street.
E. R. Alderman & Sons, publishers and proprietors of Marietta Register, 177 Front street.
Earle S. Alderman, E. R. Alderman & Sons, res. 219 Fourth street.
Anna Alexander, domestic, 427 Fourth street.
Annie Alexander, domestic, 325 Fifth street.
Shobe Alexander, harness-maker, F. H. Ebinger, res. 504 Charles street.
Mary Allee, domestic, res. 616 Front street.
Amzi Allen, car-carpenter, res. Newport Pike.
Eleanor Allen, widow, res. 307 Scammel street.
G. L. Allen, clerk, S. R. Turner & Co., res. Harmar.
Chas. Allcock, letter-carrier, res. 525 Fifth street.
Marion N. Allcock, brakeman, C. & M.R.R., res. 225 Sixth street.
Horace Alls, C. R. Stevens & Co., res. 120 Putnam street.
Alpha Sigma Phi, College Fraternity Hall, 204 Front street.
Jno. Altofater, carpenter, res. 720 Third street.
Phillip Altofater, laborer, res. 726 Third street.
American Express Co., F. C. Audibert, Agent, 149 Front street.
D. B. Anderson, Jeweler and Optician, 197 Front street, res. 103 south Third street.
Elizabeth Anderson, res. 103 south Third street.
Jno. C. Andrews, clerk, Otto Bros., res. Harmar.
Martin R. Andrews, principal Marietta Academy, res. 316 Second street.
H. Angert, travelling salesman, res. 509 Wooster street.
Louis Angert, drug clerk, res. 509 Wooster street.
Wm. H. Angert, clerk, S. R. Turner & Co., res. 509 Wooster street.
Geo. Applebay, engineer, res. Post street.
James Arbour, railroad fireman, res. 125-1/2 Ohio street.
J. B. Arbour, res. 125-1/2 Ohio street.
Abraham Arend, wagon-maker, 615 Seventh street, res. same.
Chas. Arend, laborer, chair factory, res. 608 Sixth street.
Emma Arend, clerk, Jacob Pfaff, res. 615 Seventh street.
Argand Refining Co., office, 102 Front street, works, Harmar.
Addie Armstrong, res. 219 Third street.
A. L. Armstrong, res. 306 Church street.
Albert Armstrong (colored), laborer, res. 729 Third street.
Amy Armstrong (colored), domestic, 713 Charles street.
Ed. Armstrong, plumber, Marietta Plumbing Co., res. 115 Seventh street.
Evans Armstrong (colored), laborer, res. 405 Third street.
Henry Armstrong, res. 312 Fifth street.
Jennie Armstrong, domestic, 519 Fourth street.
Jennie Armstrong, widow, res. 808 Front street.
Mary Armstrong, res. 520 Third street.
Robt. Armstrong, res. 511 Tupper street.
W. R. Armstrong, res. 219 Third street.
Albert Arnold, carpenter, Smith & Foreman, res. 605 Third street.
Eliza Arnold, widow, Woman’s Home, 812 Third street.
Wm. Arnold, sign-painter, 116 Greene street, res. Harmar.
Isaac Atkinson, farmer, res. 701 Second street.
Jno. Atkinson, res. 214 south Fifth street.
Atlantic Tea Co., H. S. Countryman, Mgr., 179 Front street.
Fred C. Audibert, Agt. American Ex. Co., res. 110 south Third street.
Henry Audibert, laborer, chair factory, res. 108 Fourth street.
Mary Audibert, widow, res. 110 south Third street.
Jno. Austin, wagon maker, res. 223 Third street.

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