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Directory - Marietta, Ohio, 1890 - T

Directory of the City of Marietta, Ohio, and the Town of Harmar. 1890. Richardson Bros., Publishers.

R. S. Taggart, salesman, Bosworth Wells & Co., res. Belpre.
Mrs. B. W. Talbot, seamstress, res. 209 Scammel street.
T. H. Talbot, carpenter, res. 533 3d street.
Mrs. T. Teischeu, widow, res. 730 5th street.
John M. Taylor, clerk, F. W. Morse, res. 315 Ohio street.
Wm. Taylor, flagman, C. & M. R. R., res. 315 Ohio street.
Belle Templeton, domestic, 219 4th street.
Catherine Theis, widow, 517 6th street.
Charles Theis, laborer, chair factory, res. 535 6th street.
Christian Theis, tanner, Meuser’s tannery, res. 625 7th street.
Ella Theis, tobacco stripper, Charles Hutchins, res. 215 2d.
Frank W. Theis, printer, Leader office, res. 409 2d street.
H. P. Theis, hardware, stoves, tinware &c., 124 Front street, res. 313 5th street.
Henry L. Theis, tobacco stripper, P. Schlicher’s, res. 409 2d street.
Herbert Theis, laborer, chair factory, res. 635 5th street.
John Theis, cigar maker, res. 215 2d street.
John G. Theis, shoemaker, Jno Wagner, res. 204 2d street.
J. J. Theis, commercial traveler, res. 311 Putnam street.
J. W. Theis, shoemaker, J. Gephart, res. 409 2d street.
Phillip Theis, grocery & feed store, res. 635 5th street.
Phillip G. Theis, carpenter, res. 215 2d street.
Elizabeth Theobald, widow, res. 717 7th street.
Jacob Theobald, tinner, H. P. Theis, res. 417 3th[sic] street.
John Theobald, butcher, Wm. Blohm, res. 717 7th street.
Rev. K. F. Theeme, pastor German St. Luke, church, res. 426 3d street.
Maud Thomas, res. 422 5th st.
H. G. Thomas, oil operator, res. 422 5th street.
Charles R. Thompson, retoucher, H. W. Craig, res. 308 4th st.
Coleman Thompson, cooper, res. Fultonburg.
Emma Thompson, clerk, Hutchison’s Bargain Store, res. 213 Charles street.
Emmet D. Thompson, cigar maker, C. Hutchins, res. Harmar.
Jerome Thompson, laborer, res. Fultonburg.
Joseph Thompson, carpenter, res. 213 Charles street.
M. Thompson, cooper, res. Fultonburg.
S. Thompson, cooper, res. Fultonburg.
Wm. Thompson, waiter, National Hotel.
Wm. Thompson, cooper, res. 117 4th street.
J. M. Thorniley, grocer and shipper of produce, 129 Greene street.
Harriet Thornton, widow, res. 406 3d street.
Mary Thrasher, domestic, 540 Hart street.
Julia Thurman, domestic, 812 3d street.
Arthur Tibbits, laborer, res. 802 Front street.
Martin Tidd, carpenter, res. 531 5th street.
Mrs. M. Tiescher, widow, res. 800 4th street.
Times, Democratic, Weekly, S. M. McMillen, Proprietor and Publisher, 132 Front street.
C. P. Tinkham, machinist, chair factory, res. 509 Putnam street.
George W. Tittle, teamster, Stanley & Grass, 110 Wooster street.
Anna Todd, domestic, 213 Sacra Via Street.
T. O. & C. E. R. R., ticket office corner Front and Butler sts, general office, rooms, corner Putnam and Second streets.
C. H. Toler, salesman, res. Fultonburg.
Daniel B. Torpy, Phoenix Mills, res. 306 Putnam street.
Elizabeth Torpy, widow, res. 113 south 3rd street.
John Torpy, book-keeper, res. 113 south 3rd street.
A. H. Tracy, salesman, res. 335 Ohio street.
Anna Trapp, domestic, 318 2nd street.
Anna Trautner, domestic, 230 Front street.
George Trier, res. 713 8th street.
Chas. Tresch, res. 325 2nd street.
Chas. E. Tresch, Jr., Jeweler, 262 Front street, res. 325 2nd street.
George Trier, Jr., butcher, Windsor & Wenzel res. 106 3rd street.
Abner Tucker, laborer, res. 216 south 6th street.
E. F. Tucker, laborer, 700 Chaarles street.
Eli Tucker, Jr., laborer, Rice’s refinery, res. 700 Charles street.
George Tucker, laborer, res. 700 Charles street.
Fannie Tucker, res. 216 south 6th street.
Mary Tucker, widow, res. 309 Montgomery street.
Sadie Tucker, res. 216 south 6th street.
Chas. H. Turner, S. R. Turner & Co., res. 405 2nd street.
F. S. Turner, S. R. Turner & Co., res. 520 2nd street.
S. R. Turner, S. R. Turner & Co., res. 411 5th street.
S. R. Turner & Co., Dry Goods, Notions &c., 165 Front street.
Molllie B. Twiggs, res. 512 7th street.
Julia Twine, domestic, 422 5th street.

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